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To get fucked, boloxed, cunted


To be hit
We got really twated, then some guy twated me in the face with an ashtray.
by Timmeh October 08, 2003
To be fucked, twated, cunted etc
I went out and got totally boloxed last night
by Timmeh October 08, 2003
An excellent site where Hitler and clown-rape humour abounds. Run by a gender-confused amphibian with a strap-on fetish.
No custom title for faggot Dilpo :mad:
by Timmeh June 02, 2004
Derived from the alphabet of Ben Warren.
That man has a big poinaches.
by timmeh December 20, 2004
Useless twat
I asked for a fucking Stella not a Carling you fucking fuck face!
by Timmeh October 08, 2003
shut the fuck up beyond all repair

stfu and fubar
Person 1 (Nathan namac): I hate you
Person 2: stfubar
by Timmeh March 24, 2004
Go out and get cunted (see cunted).
I've just been paid, lets go out and fucking do one!!!
by Timmeh October 08, 2003

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