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on the verge of shitting oneself. Short for having a turtlehead poking out.
Dude, where's the bathroom, I'm turtlin bad!
#prairie doggin' #prairie dogging #turtling #turtlehead #turtle head #cresting #crowning a brown baby
by Odinsworn December 19, 2006
1) To "help your buddy out" by holding the door shut with one hand and masterbate with the other without his knowledge.

2) The action or process of holding the door shut and getting caught with your zipper down while watching a friend have sex with a random skank.
Roberto: "Where is Fred? I have'nt seen him in about 20min."
Alex: "Lets check Johns room."
Roberto: "The doors not locked but I can't open it.....Someone is holding it."
Alex: "Must be Fred then, he's the only one missing. Let's force it open. Oh shit it is Fred..... and his zipper is down. He was in there turtlin.
#masterbate #reach around #blumpkin #tug job #hot carl #dirty sanchez
by diamondsonmyneck July 11, 2011 hide like a coward in your house (in your "shell" like a turtle) continually block an attack and never return an attack back (in video games). 3. When in danger you hide yourself like a turtle does
1."He's never going to come out and fight wit his turtlin' ass." 2.I never play him in fighting games cause he turtles."
#turtles #turtlin' #turtlin #turtling #turtle
by tylii fliy October 17, 2008
The act of sucking ones boobs into sockets in the presence of someone unattractive or popping ones boobs out of sockets in the presence of attractive company
Jess: Did you see John? He's so ugly, I started turtlin'!
Mary: Really? I did the opposite.
#turtlin' #boobs #sockets #unattractive #conceal
by rawrsidinosaurs September 04, 2015
When you are driving behind someone who is as slow as a turtle. This could also apply to someone walking or just being slow in general.
OMG stop turtlin and drive!
#turtlin #turtling #turtle #turtlen #turtelin
by ginna44 August 22, 2011
to be doing something really slow
Carly: Come on we are going to be late!!
Laura: I'm coming, I'm coming!!!
Carly: Well hurry up and stop turtlin around
#faffin #messing around #fartin about #fannyin on #wasting time
by CarlyPops May 06, 2006
the act of killing turtles. usually accomplished with a rifle.
Claire: Where did Cecilia go?
Lisa: Gone turtlin'!
by clarabelle monaghan March 20, 2005
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