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on the verge of shitting oneself. Short for having a turtlehead poking out.
Dude, where's the bathroom, I'm turtlin bad!
by Odinsworn December 19, 2006
Two hard hats hitting, usually used in joke form with a new kid, or soft handed man, new to wearing a hard hat.
Joker: Dude, have you ever seen a turtle fuck?

Jokee: No, why?

Joker: Do you know what it sounds like?

Jokee: No, what?

Joker hits Jokee's hard hat with his own.
by Odinsworn December 19, 2006
To force someone to place their teeth on a curb or other raised edge and kick them in the head, usually causing great dental anguish and damage, if not death. Probably descriptive of the damage such an act would cause to the cranium, as if one jumped on a turtle resting on a hard surface. As depicted in American History X.
Tom's teeth are so mangled, I'd swear someone gave him a turtlestomp.
by Odinsworn December 19, 2006
Slang for beef jerky
I need to swing into 7/11 and grab a turtle cock and a coke.
by Odinsworn December 19, 2006
Anti-Racist Action. Whiney pussies that claim to love all races, but like to rile blacks into doing the fighting for them. Usually kids from wealthy families, especially, but not limited to, those that are white or jewish.
The ARA roused the blacks into burning buildings down in Toledo.
by Odinsworn December 19, 2006

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