An uncircumsized penis.
"No baby, I'm not sporting a turtle neck, I'm Catholic."
by mud909 May 31, 2009
When the male member retreats from the outside of the body to the inside, much like a turtle does with its neck and head.
my nude modeling opp took a turn for the worst when i looked down to find i was turtle necking.

I was a proud man when i ripped off my swim trunks at the party but after laughs emerged i had to exclaim "pool water makes me turtle neck"!
by middlemansamiam June 28, 2011
a type of shirt worn by either men or women and can show actual size of womens breast as it doesn't hide or minimize the breast so for plus sized women or big breast women you'll be a mans eye candy and your fully clothed
by todd thiner1 January 12, 2010
What uncircumsized French men call their sheath. Also can be referred to as a skin sweater.
"You guys will need coats, but I won't, I've got on my turtleneck"
by Straci September 05, 2007
When a guy cums on a girl's neck and spreads kleenex all over her neck
I jizzed all over her neck and cleaned her up with a turtleneck
by RichieRich69 September 05, 2010
When yo bustin 4 a shit so bad that the log is popping in and out of ur anus, often leaving brown dabs on your underwear
I knew i shoulda had a shit before going to the movies i was turtlenecking for 2 hours and couldnt concentrate!
by simo1981 April 19, 2008
grabbing the males crutch from behind and pulling it towards you.
my best mate was getting harrased by this guy so i got up behind him and gave him a turtle neck
by steggles October 06, 2008

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