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8 definitions by jonfizzle

A straight male who goes to gay clubs so he can hit on females there. Also someone who is straight, but hangs out with a group of homosexuals
Joey is a fag stag, becuase he enjoys going to gay clubs to meet chicks
by jonfizzle December 09, 2003
82 40
An Uncut Dick
Ashley: Chris forgot to wash his turtleneck
by jonfizzle November 13, 2003
95 73
A lesbian role model. Or someone who is your icon that is a lesbian.
Ellen DeGeneres is a Dycon. She is the best person who walks this earth!
by jonfizzle December 09, 2003
30 9
An Uber Dyke is a lesbian who lives in San Francisco.
Michell is an Uber Dyke, because she lives with an old woman and Marie in San Francisco
by jonfizzle November 23, 2003
14 20
White Stripes Crew. A group of friends who were envied by others. Only started with a simple white stripe of electrical tape placed on their upper left arm. WSC is a group of friends who were always together and done crazy things together that society was corrupted by.
Non-WSC: Isn't WSC so cool?
Other Non-WSC: Yea, I am so jealous of them
WSC: I know, everyone wants to be like us.
by jonfizzle November 12, 2003
7 16
Another term for Turtleneck or the Uncut dick
Ashley: Chris always has his sleeve on
by jonfizzle November 13, 2003
23 40
A lesbian who is dissatisfied with being a lesbian turns straight, but still has thought about lesbianism
Mona is a hasbian, she wants to date men, but still likes them chicks
by jonfizzle December 09, 2003
17 47