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beer drank after being poured down someone else butt crack
i lost a bet to my buddy so i had to drink his ass beer
by big daddy springs January 20, 2010
A can or bottle of beer stored in one's back pocket intended for protection and/or future consumption, usually in a party setting. see also: Double-ass beer and rear-beer
-let's peace out bro
-alright bro, I'm gonna grab an ass-beer for the road
by km8 January 01, 2010
when a bunch of fucking idiots like steve-o did in jack ass 2 have beer put into their asses, but when it come out the ass someone has to drink it, ass-beer.

often a dare to do the above

or, when you cum in a girls ass then someone drink your cum out of her ass, usually done when there are multiple partners.
'dude did you see what charlie did to dash, he drank his fuckin ass-beer.'

'dash said kai's ass-beer tasted like cum' 'thats cuz it was cum you fuckin dunce'
by Howie Fukerass February 10, 2008
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