restricted vision due to an excess amount of cocaine, ecstasy, or any other drug.
a- "i just blew an eight-ball in a half hour and i can't see right."
b- "you finally got tunnel vision. level up."
by pmdbwc January 21, 2007
When your moving so fast your peripheral vision becomes extremely blurry and you can only see straight ahead.
"I got to ride in a Z06 yesterday"

"Was it fun?"

"Yeah but after 160mph I started to get tunnel vision"
by Anal-Explode March 05, 2007
Tunnel Vision: Something to yell at people who dont have cars whilst you are driving past. pronounced "tunnel bideon".
me: hey guys should i tunnel vision this guy
other guy: yeah go for it
by The Boffin December 21, 2006
When a person pulls their partner(s) anus apart, and puts his/her head in their partners ass.
Tunnel vision can be;

a popular sexual act, given to teenagers as a welcoming to the gay society.

a test of strength and courage that will be used in the upcoming 2008 Beijing olympics.
by REVOLV3R November 04, 2007
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