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The Tunnel is a very large and rounded entrance located around the pelvis. Many things enter, but none come out. Never go near the Tunnel.
The Tunnel makes the Black Mamba look like a worm.
by The Biggest Tunnel June 19, 2010
A popular NYC dance club in the 80's and 90's. In it's later years, it hosted Funkmaster Flex and Nassau parties. Also became the Muse for a short while.
"Hey, did you ever hit Tunnel back in the day?"

"Nah, I was usually at Mars or Danceteria."
by else3573 August 13, 2007
Stretched ear piercings.
The holes are stretched with larger and larger plugs. When you gradate to a big enough plug, it can have a hole in it and you can see to the other side, tunnels.
"Man your tunnels make me hot in my dirty places. I hope you never get a brain and realize that limp hoops of skin attached to your head are idiotic."
by refrigerator March 31, 2005
Not-so-secret "secret" at Haverford College in Pennsylvania. Refers to the series of tunnels(containing an elaborate heating/electrical system) originally constructed beneath the Haverford campus with the intention of keeping the place cozy and liveable in Winter...has since been infiltrated by generations of Haverford undergrads hell-bent on getting drunk/high, wandering through the maze of subterranean pipes and passageways, risking getting caught and hollered at by the Dean or control-freak upperclassmen..."tunneling" was totally CHOICE in the 1980's when most of the tunnels were still accessible and good, creepy fun could be had down there (picnics, beer parties, nookie) that most of the tunnels have been walled-off,'s much harder to convince a fellow-'Ford to crawl drunkenly through 'em with you when the possibility of NEVER FINDING YOUR WAY OUT ALIVE looms and menaces. There is still the seductive lure of the yet-to-be-breached "SECRET DOOR" said to be hidden within the tunnels.
"Screw Customs, man---let's hit the tunnels!"

"The TUNNELS? Are you kidding me? I heard Poindexter went in last semester and fucking disappeared. Screw that...besides, they're having cheesesteaks in the Dining Hall tonight and I wanna get in line before that big guy from my Chem class eats 'em all."
by poppysister August 23, 2006
to inhale a lit roach clip through the anus
"Is he tunneling that joint?" "No, it's a cigarette."

"I''ll tunnel it if you tunnel it." "BUT WE ONLY HAVE ONE CLIP!!" "So, i'll tunnel it, pop it out after like a minute, then you tunnel it." "Every time we do this, your shit goes everywhere, and I'm the one who has to tunnel the mess!"

"Dude, i havent stopped shitting blood since I tunneled that blunt."" "Yeah, that was awesome."
by sourappletini November 11, 2011
A vagina, presumably belonging to a woman or an animal.
"Dude, check out that chick's tunnel."
by Demonwomb July 17, 2005
The act of inserting a snake into a man and or woman's anus for sexual gratification.
Guy1: Hey dude last night I tunneled a chick in church.

Guy2: Oh yeah, one time I tunneled a dude on an airplane.
by lemonjello612 July 07, 2011
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