a tumbling skill.
its a back flip with your knee's tucked into your chest.
in cheerleading we do tucks
by mariaaaaaaaa August 20, 2008
A tuck is a procedure that is performed when one's scrotum is far too large for the testicles they contain. The excess bag is folded or "tucked" upwards and then sutured or stapled in place. In addition to being the name of a medical procedure the word can also be used an an insult. This insult can be used when you detect the sand in someones clam or they are such a douche you can assume that its because they are tripping on their sack.
-You have a huge scrotum, you need to get a tuck.
-Man that guy needs to get a tuck.
-Tuck your muff you douche bag.
by Tuckstar Gallactica December 30, 2008
A dorky, white male who is obsessed with computers and enjoys proving others wrong. Aslo known as 'moneybags,' proves to be very stingy, may or may not enjoy the company of very extra large women, and is allergic to ricotta.
1. Hey, Tuckmydick
2. Stop being such a buttfucking asshole, Tuck.
3. Sir Tuckalot
by Pussycrook and Penis-wrinkle July 24, 2004
a word used in replace of the mother of all swears. the letter F is replaced by the letter T. originally discovered by an illiterate girl who's brain cells have slowly diminished over years of smokin L's which has led to such improper pronounciation and spelling.
what the Tuck is goin on around here?!

that ish was Tuckin hilarious!

laughin my tuckin ass off

by sweetB910 January 27, 2010
Acronym for The Under Cover Kid; referring to undercover police scanning chat rooms for pervs.

T.U.C.K: I'm only 13 but i want to chat with someone much older.

Me: Looks like another T.U.C.K is scanning the room -_-
by Bernin April 01, 2008
males pubic hair; the hairs around a males penis
If you don't shut up man, imma rip out all your frikkin tucks
by Klassik Son March 14, 2010
An absurdly small truck. Those who drive tucks are usually losers, retards, freaks, idiots, morons, pussies, whimps, wannabes, whiners, dorks, pathetic excuses for wiggers. They are sometimes seen in the circus driven by clowns.
That pathetic tuck could be eaten by that Chevy Silverado!
by MizzLizz3 January 12, 2007

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