To tuck a gun under your shirt.
I don't just tuck nigga, I buck, fuck around wit me, and I'll give ya more than bad luck.
by sdfgdgdfs August 12, 2007
1. To hide yo' drugs in a 'stash spot'.
2. The 'stash spot' itself.
3. Variation is 'Tuck Cosey'.
1. "Why don't yo' tuck your stash inside this couch cushion."
2. "Check out that tuck! That'd be perfect for stashing my pound."
3. "That's a sick 'tuck cosey' for yo' cash money! Hidden inside a book with the pages cut out."
by Diego September 04, 2003
Its a combo of "Titty" & "Fuck" (T-ittyf-UCK). When a man puts his penis between a woman's boobs and moves back and forth.
With those melons that she has, I'd TUCK her all night long.
by Fookie September 20, 2007
when a she-male who has both a penis and a vagina, crams the penis into the vagina in order to hide it from people.
a she male who tucks her penis into her vagina.
by greggory allen thompson ESQ. June 15, 2008
An absurdly small truck. Those who drive tucks are usually losers, retards, freaks, idiots, morons, pussies, whimps, wannabes, whiners, dorks, pathetic excuses for wiggers. They are sometimes seen in the circus driven by clowns.
That huge truck could eat that tuck any day of the week.
Thousands of clowns piled in and out of the tuck at the circus.
by MizzLizz3 January 15, 2007
A very petite vaginal opening
She has a nice little tuck.
by Goldkill February 23, 2004
The realest gang of 10th grade gangstas on dis mutha fuckin earth, T.U.C.K. be reppin dat SFS, 202, 301 240 and 703
Yo playa dont fuck wit dem T.U.C.K. boys or you get yo fucked da fuck up
by OG T.U.C.K. Gangsta Q February 14, 2005

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