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A woman with a penis.
When I pulled off her panties, I quickly realized she was a shemale.
by Annonymous March 28, 2003
2210 635
It is usally a genetic male, who has taken female doses of estrogens (premarin, estrofem) to become biologically female in all aspects except that she still has a penis and testicles instead of a vagina, uterus, and ovaries. They do not get breasts from breast implants, but from female doses of estrogen. They sometimes get implants to augment the breasts that they have gotten from taking estrogen. Their gender identity and expression is female. Most gay guys dont like them, but bi-curious "straight" males tend to like them.
Allanah Starr, Vicki Richter, and Joanna Jet are all shemales.
by shemalelover5858 September 18, 2005
1287 411
A hot girl with something extra.
Damn that shemale is hot!
by Blocker May 31, 2006
1248 600
a chick with a dick
my mom is a fucking shemale
by dick goesinya November 09, 2003
1121 594
sluts with sausage / dolls with balls / babes with boners / women with wangs / chicks with dicks / moms with meat / playmates with prostates / debbies with dongs / heroines with hard-ons / ladies with lances / lolitas with lovesticks / dykes with dinks / bitches with beef / wives with weiners / whores with more / widows with woodies / tricks with tripods / nieces with nuts / females with foreskin / bimbos with bones / princesses with penises / brides with bananas / hookers with horsecocks / nuns with knobs / skanks with scrotums / gals with gadgets / skirts with schlongs / sisters with snakes / broads with rods / tramps with testes / cunts with cocks / wenches with wee-wees / girls with gonads / nymphs with niggerdicks / mamas with manhood / nannies with nightsticks / pinays with pipes / shrews with salami / chicas with chubbies / harpies with helmets / dominatrixes with dipsticks / succubuses with sacks / maidens with members / bachlorettes with bishops / goddesses with goliaths / hoochies with hoses / vixens with vipers / foxes with fucksticks / actresses with anacondas / dames with ding-dongs / mistresses with manginas / tarts with tools / hotties with hammers / femmes with footlongs / prostitutes with pogosticks
shemales are the children of god.
by rexxard October 13, 2006
554 259
1. Slang. A derogatory term which describes a person whose biological sex is male, but whose gender identity is female, esp. a person with male genitals and surgically created female anatomical features. A male who has started but not completed a biological transformation from male anatomical features to female anatomical features. Also called sheboy; ladyboy; chick with a dick.
Your mother has more facial hair than a Kentucky shemale.
by Safari October 09, 2004
609 348
Somewhat derrogative term used mainly by the porn industry meaning preoperative male to female transexual.
There is a lot of shemale porn online.
by lala October 28, 2003
456 203