Top Definition
big boobs
I got big melons, they are 38DD.
by Stacy February 10, 2004
nice round breasts
see tits
1.)i wanna' squeeze those melons!!!
2.) keira has nice melons!!
The act of smacking another's forehead as a sign and act of derision.
That wicker fool done gone swiped my pewter so I gone and laid a melon on him.
by Sinbad Poon January 09, 2005
Marvelously big and beautiful boobs
Jackie Goodheart has nice melons.
by Carl... November 20, 2004
a wonderful catagory of fruit.




and many others
mmmm melons are great.
by maroo August 18, 2006
1. Enormously large breasts, usually white women have them
2. Very large, firm breasts
Whoa, dude, check out the melons on that Nordic fox.
by Steagles February 14, 2006
a woman's breasts(see also boobs tits)
Her melons are so big, it's scary.
by Light Joker July 16, 2005
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