Someone, usually of little skill, who tries much more than necessary and continues to fail, typically through imitation of good players, eventually becoming a pain in the ass for you and your team
Hey look at ______. He/She is sucha a try hard
by KidCache456 September 14, 2010
A tryhard is someone who tries far too hard to achieve at something or pays a pointless amount of attention to every minute detail of it to ensure perfection. It's also an insult levied against high-achievers by lazy people. Both the noun and verb form are frequently used in academic and work environments, as well as in video games. When it's used by gamers it generally means "someone who plays far too much," and it's generally used by hardcore noobs to justify the fact that they just got pwned.

It can also be used as a verb to describe putting a lot of effort into something and fretting over the minor details of it.
"Look at that douchebag that got an A+ on the philosophy essay. What a tryhard."

"God, I just got pwned by a bunch of tryhards."

"I'm going to tryhard the fuck out of this assignment so I don't fail this class!"
by TubbyC October 16, 2011
someone who trys way harder than everyone else they are playing with
the best example of a try hard is brandon vanhal. Takes the driveway like its the nba but rattled when you try to tell him that. Tone it down
by SUBWAY YEA April 30, 2011
Someone who gives too much effort at a menial task, They normally try way too hard at useless games such as pickleball and every game thats pointless, make sure your friend does not become a Try Hard!
Jonathan owned us at recess kick-ball, what a Try Hard!
by Kyler45 December 10, 2010
Dude, you think tryhard mango will win the tournament?
by scorpadorp January 03, 2013
One who has to compensate for their lack of skill by subjecting themselves to tremendous amounts of effort, especially in the areas of academics and athletics. Most "try hards" often fail in their attempts at success and therefore exists in a constant state of self-apathy and extreme stress. It should be noted that "trying hard" at something is not at all dishonorable. Therefore, one should note the distinction between "trying hard" and a "try hard".
Try Hard: How long did you study for that test?
Intelligent Student: Just a moderate amount of time, an hour or so, but I got a A-, so I'm satisfied.

Try Hard: What!? I studied for four hours and made a C+!
by jdsalinger1212 October 06, 2011
The guy at the bar who will hit on every single girl and get shut down until he finally find ones that he can fool into hooking up with him. The tryhard will never admit to even trying to look at another girl.
tryhards buddy: "yea after the first 8 turned you down.. damn tryhard
by ccc333 July 01, 2011

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