noun. "tryhard"

Used as an insult in online gaming to describe a player who attempts to use strategy, tactics, maneuvers, plays, etc. well beyond their own skill level (adj. "trying hard"). These players will often watch pro gaming streams and YouTube Let's Plays and attempt to copycat the person playing despite not having enough skill or technical prowess to be able to do so effectively.

Tryhards are not to be confused with bad players. The primary distinction is that tryhards will respond negatively to gameplay suggestions or criticism, and will frequently lash out against anybody who attempts to stray outside the established metagame.
Player 1: "I can't believe you picked that guy! He's a shit-tier hero! You suck!"
Player 2: "Calm down, I picked this guy because I like playing him. You should focus more on the game and less on me."
Player 1: "You're just a noob, lol. Everybody knows that pro players never pick that hero. Learn to play."
Player 2: "You're doing terrible this game, you fucking tryhard. You're the one who needs to learn to play!"
by Furbag February 22, 2015
A person who puts too much effort into a video game, and cares too much about winning. Usually such a person uses cheap tricks or unfair techniques in order to win. All of their insults involve calling people children and insulting them based on their stats. These people have massive egos and can't accept that their stats have no value in the real world. Their entire social life revolves around the one or two games they spend all day playing, and constantly compare their stats to other people. These players are total Stat-Whores.
Player #1: Look at that Try-Hard. He's been shooting premium ammunition all game.
Player #2: He has 3k games, and all of them are in his IS-6. That must be a re-roll.
Player#: Wow, what a Stat-Whore.
by SpamDragon July 13, 2014
someone who tries hard and the most pointless things (shawn herlong)
shawn herlong is a try hard
by GYM Koch February 26, 2009
An individual who bites their lip and trembles with ecstacy while using a sniper rifle in counter strike,plays the game 20 centimeters away from the screen,cringing everytime they die.Cringeworthy as f.
Look at that tryhard kid shoving his face to the monitor..
by don3o43 July 04, 2015
person who overexercise does something because other people are around
that tryhard just threw himselft on the ground to catch the ball
by meatshafter March 03, 2015
When somebody wants too much.
It can be in-game (LoL) or in real life.
There are many degrees of Try-Hardness.
Damn, this girl is a real Try-Hard, she wants Jonathan's dick that much.
by BabyHeenok January 04, 2015
A typical, so called Try-Hard, is somebody who thinks is realy good at a game that is being played, but in reality this person is most-likely the worst player (of the team), even though he\she is attempting to be the best and is putting the most effort into the game...
Basketball might be a good example for a Try Hard, this person makes a 3 pointer once in a while, but in general he\she is awfully bad\sucks at the game !
by Julz June 11, 2014

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