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Someone who IS NOT a slacker or modern lazy kid.

Anyone who actually tries to do or be anything productive at all.

it is ALWAYS an insult agenst the person using the term, refering to the speaker as being extreemly lazy or disruptive.
Look at that try hard actually playing the game instead of just sitting in the corner spinning in circles like me and my team.

Your such a try hard not using a wall hack.
by jdp2011clevelandtn August 08, 2011
In regards to recreational activities or video games, someone who must put forth 100% effort to come out victorious. As opposed to someone who doesn't need to do their best to win a game or contest.
Player A: "Yeah we won! Get pwned noobs."
Player B: "Shut up kid, you're such a tryhard. Wait till next game when I rape you."
by SlickolasNickolas February 05, 2010
When someone acts like a hipster and or partakes in chache like behavior in which you think people are laughing with you but they are actually amused by how obsessed you are with attempting to be cool
Having sex with close friends ex's is a try hard move.
Always trying to hang out with older people is also trying hard
Playing your guitar on your porch is trying real fucking hard
Prime example: Delta member A-rod
by RiggidyRigs March 31, 2014
An individual (or group of individuals) who try excessively hard, and serious during a game that is not League, or tournament play.
Dude is super trying during this pub, what a tryhard.
by spoonwithme February 12, 2011
Someone who puts great effort into achieving small, unimportant objectives (e.g. drop shotting to get a quick kill, studying for a quiz, etc.) and often fails in the process, thus creating more embarrassment, due to the fact that they tried incredibly hard.
Brandon Pugh is a textbook example of a try hard. He consumes his leisure hours scanning and memorizing his Physical Science textbook; he is then later scolded for knowing completely nothing about it, and failing all his quizzes. This then reduces him to a completely monotonous, often suicidal facial expression, which indeed points out his try hardness.
by Schnalex November 24, 2010
Someone, usually of little skill, who tries much more than necessary and continues to fail, typically through imitation of good players, eventually becoming a pain in the ass for you and your team
Hey look at ______. He/She is sucha a try hard
by KidCache456 September 14, 2010
Dude, you think tryhard mango will win the tournament?
by scorpadorp January 03, 2013