Someone who try's extremely hard. Especially at sports or video games.
Carter Brooks got dark matter in call of duty black ops 3 in less than a month, therefore he is a Tryhard .
by Cbrooks April 10, 2016
A person despised by lazy people.
I can't believe that try-hard got a promotion.
by kurtish March 03, 2016
person who overexercise does something because other people are around
that tryhard just threw himselft on the ground to catch the ball
by meatshafter March 03, 2015
A person who puts too much effort into a video game, and cares too much about winning. Usually such a person uses cheap tricks or unfair techniques in order to win. All of their insults involve calling people children and insulting them based on their stats. These people have massive egos and can't accept that their stats have no value in the real world. Their entire social life revolves around the one or two games they spend all day playing, and constantly compare their stats to other people. These players are total Stat-Whores.
Player #1: Look at that Try-Hard. He's been shooting premium ammunition all game.
Player #2: He has 3k games, and all of them are in his IS-6. That must be a re-roll.
Player#1: Wow, what a Stat-Whore.
by SpamDragon July 13, 2014
A word often used by videogame players, usually into FPS, to insult players that have been killing a lot of players. This is usually used as an insult towards other players that are beating them, and they want a reason to insult them. Can also be legitimately used to insult players that have payed a lot of money in an F2P so they could get in-game clothing or weapons to "pwn nubs" with, without have actually earning them. This term is commonly used by TF2 players who are dominating everyone in the game except for one person, who they feel deserves to be insulted for being better at the game then them.
Terrannel: this hyperactive potato guy is such a Try-hard, lol. look at him in his stupid hoodie with his stupid soda popper!!!1!!1! such a tryhard scout

Spycrab Surprise: Yeah, he's probably some 12 year old squeaker sitting in a stupid beanbag surrounded in stuffed animals with a walmart headset. I'd say he uses aimbot, but he probably doesnt even know how to install it!

HyperactivePotato: For your information, I recieved the hoodie as a present, and I found the soda-popper. As for you, I don't know where you got content only available in the shop...

Uberpig: lol, noob. what, you gonna cry now??? go jerk off in a corner fag, lol

Spycrab Surprise: Yeah, you're not even that good at this game! SUCK IT! I just shot you!

HyperactivePotato: Thats great, thats really great. Anyways, I've got better things to do then sit here and waste my time blowing the heads off of F2Ps. See you all later!

Terrannel: hah such a loser!!1!!!1 hes leaving cause were hurting his itsy bitsy feeling!!!1!! n000000000000000000b!
by TheHyperPotato March 24, 2014
Someone who IS NOT a slacker or modern lazy kid.

Anyone who actually tries to do or be anything productive at all.

it is ALWAYS an insult agenst the person using the term, refering to the speaker as being extreemly lazy or disruptive.
Look at that try hard actually playing the game instead of just sitting in the corner spinning in circles like me and my team.

Your such a try hard not using a wall hack.
by jdp2011clevelandtn August 08, 2011
In regards to recreational activities or video games, someone who must put forth 100% effort to come out victorious. As opposed to someone who doesn't need to do their best to win a game or contest.
Player A: "Yeah we won! Get pwned noobs."
Player B: "Shut up kid, you're such a tryhard. Wait till next game when I rape you."
by SlickolasNickolas February 05, 2010
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