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A person (usually a noob) who really gives everything they possibly can to everything they do; they are hard-workers. But they work for all the wrong reasons, they just really want to be the best at everything but they usually end up looking fake and forced. They really want to look excellent, but they aren't. They end up working harder than they have to and don't get accepted because of it. They are very similar to wanna-be's but worse because they make their actions obvious to everyone they can.
Mike- Wow guys, look at Justin trying to dunk! What a try-hard!
Bryant- *laughs* OH WOW, He is sucha try-hard! Justin!
Justin- Yeah?
Justin- I just can't believe I can't touch rim yet.
Mike- Believe it because you can't -.-
by LaTiNoOoOo September 13, 2012

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