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One who tries to accomplish things in a showy way. They try to show off in doing little pointless tasks. Tries to compete to hard in practices and working out. A suck up in a sense to people who are of a higher status. They try hard to impress ones higher than them
Tom: Jack is trying to impress coach look at him
Mike: yeah hes such a try-hard
by Youngjoc June 04, 2012
6 16
A derogitory term for anyone who plays a CoD game and uses guns that aren't overpowered. Another definition: Anyone who plays a CoD game correctly.
That guy using the MK14 was such a tryhard! How did he get so many kills though?
by MK14user February 12, 2012
0 11
Word used to describe people that lack talent but give it 110 % in everything, esp. sports; people who get very intense in what what they are doing.
Dick: Man, look at that whole team of tryhards.
Harry: They're still suck like shit and are getting owned.
by LeonC June 09, 2003
9 21
A person of non-white ethnicity who makes an intentional and excessive effort to adopt all manner of white culture and habits. Try-hardism is distinguished from mere coconutism (ethnic confusion) by the presence of intention.
Vishwas put on a checkered shirt because he is a tryhard.
by Douchemeister87 September 29, 2009
6 19
an individual that as hard as they try they will always fall on their arse
Geez that person is one of the worst tryhards I have seen in a while because they are so needy
by MasterSofTrancE February 14, 2006
8 23
A female douchebag.
I couldn't get around that bachelorette party of annoying tryhards walking down 18th Street.
by Lonnie Bruner January 09, 2006
8 23
weak ass insult used by a gamer who gets pwned(perfectly owned). Thier feable attempt to get under the skin of a gamer who is truly superior to them and puts no extra effort into owning that ass.
GAME WINNING MATCH KILL- PinBeatle033 (kill-28 deaths-3)
xxXSniperMex11Xxx (kill-12 Death-20)
Sniper"i wish my acr was as fast as yours you try hard"
PinBeatle033- "FIRST"
by pwned_arse March 25, 2011
4 20