A person of non-white ethnicity who makes an intentional and excessive effort to adopt all manner of white culture and habits. Try-hardism is distinguished from mere coconutism (ethnic confusion) by the presence of intention.
Vishwas put on a checkered shirt because he is a tryhard.
by Douchemeister87 September 29, 2009
people who constantly flirt with someone and it ends in an epic failure.
ex:sammy drobnick&dyan taylor are "try hards" whenever they talk.
by amandababe August 01, 2010
an individual that as hard as they try they will always fall on their arse
Geez that person is one of the worst tryhards I have seen in a while because they are so needy
by MasterSofTrancE February 14, 2006
A female douchebag.
I couldn't get around that bachelorette party of annoying tryhards walking down 18th Street.
by Lonnie Bruner January 09, 2006
weak ass insult used by a gamer who gets pwned(perfectly owned). Thier feable attempt to get under the skin of a gamer who is truly superior to them and puts no extra effort into owning that ass.
GAME WINNING MATCH KILL- PinBeatle033 (kill-28 deaths-3)
xxXSniperMex11Xxx (kill-12 Death-20)
Sniper"i wish my acr was as fast as yours you try hard"
PinBeatle033- "FIRST"
by pwned_arse March 25, 2011
someone who puts posters on the bedroom wall of bands like green day and simple plan, and don't even listen to but still pretend they do so they can look "cool", but in reality they're a tryhard
look at sean, he's got all those posters of punk bands on his walls. wow, he's a real tryhard!
by jedk September 25, 2005
a person who thinks they are always right, or thinks that what they do is always right
that guy smudge, he is a real tryhard
by INSANE_87 June 17, 2005

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