godo to say when something is true. kinda used like "mos def"
Yo, viewtiful joe is godo.

True dat, man.
by El_Scorcho September 03, 2003
Techno-geek for the phrase "True that"
Geek1: we rock.
Geek2: true.dat. we do.
by Cliff96 April 21, 2005
To agree totally and unequivically with the statement of another.
He: That girl is hot!
Me: True dat!
by Fritz M. October 30, 2005
I am totally digging what you just said, my good man.
Bill: Goats make good fetta cheese.
Lill: True dat...
by Jorden Tarnoskiii April 09, 2007
Strongly agreeing with someone or something.
"Hey, that cheesecake looks gooooood."
"Tru dat!"
by k dawg March 18, 2004
Used to express agreement with something previously stated by another. Can be translated as "That is true."
"Man, Michael Bay is shitting all over the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise."

"True dat."
by middle8 June 14, 2012
Work to your mother, holla, I got you, I understand. Word, I'm feeling you, Sounds true to me. I hear you.
Mark Says: I'm going be at the Mall in Syracuse.

Chris Responds repsonse: "True Dat"
by InVoid November 18, 2011
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