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A phrase used in agreement with someone. I use this saying a lot.
My Mom: Those liberals sure are looney.
Me: True Dat!
by Son of Union Veterans April 16, 2005
means "that's true" backwards in ebonics.
Ja Rule is the Hammer of the new millenium.
true dat!
by Jellybean May 11, 2004
1. Used after something said, to show agreeance.
2. ghetto talk for "ditto"
3."I agree"
damn, school sucks

True dat!
by ac February 15, 2004
a shorter and less intense way to
say yeah that is right.
isn't your name JB
"true dat"
by Courtney Bernash February 12, 2005
simply 'true that' but in nizzle
Woman: DAM u got game!
Man: true dat.
by dutch courage February 14, 2003
something that is said when there is nothing else to say.
Her: SamuELLE, yo mamma!!!
Sam (upon reflexion): True Dat.
by Anonymous March 31, 2003
Extremely true.
Brad Pitt is hot. True dat!
by Andrea February 12, 2004