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someone who is able to make you smile all the time, someone who you can trust and talk to about any thing. He should be the one who walks you home just incase, and buy you icecream =] He should also be someone who makes you happy when your down, and makes everything alrite when everything is shit.
all the above describes my boyfriend
by Jellybean April 21, 2005
Term for collective things between couples.
From kissing to mastubating to oral sex all the way through to full sex.
Used to be unspecific about whats gne on

To have portions on someone>
Did you have portions?
What kind?
Just kissing.
by Jellybean October 03, 2003
means "that's true" backwards in ebonics.
Ja Rule is the Hammer of the new millenium.
true dat!
by Jellybean May 11, 2004
the world's best girlfriend. The most beautiful girl in the world who's really smart, funny, and really sexy!! I love her!
Everything that I've ever wanted comes from my peanut. I'm so lucky to have my peanut!
by Jellybean March 15, 2005
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