The definition of a scum. People named Troy generally think they are good at madden but really only are good with money Manziel.
Troy thinks he is good at madden but really he just has Money Manziel
by TroyTruman January 22, 2015
james: what are you doing tonight?
troy: baking

james: trust, you fucking bong rat

troy: rich to you, wombie
by jnkdcdknf August 22, 2011
Troy –noun 1. Latin, Ilium. Greek, Ilion. an ancient ruined city in NW Asia Minor: the seventh of nine settlements on the site is commonly identified as the Troy of the Iliad. 2. a city in SE Michigan, near Detroit. 67,107. 3. a city in E New York, on the Hudson River. 56,638. 4. a city in W Ohio. 19,086. 5. a city in S Alabama. 12,587. 6. a male given name. 7. a boy from Australia often fluent in Spanish.
Troy -verb 1. A peson or thing that exhibits quality/s that are identical or resemble Troy. 2. The act of Troying
Troy-slang 1. A deragitory, one who "troys." One of the most versatile words in the English language that can be used as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, of interjection. Often misspelled Tory.
-noun 1. I was born in Troy, New York. 2. That kids name is Troy. He must be from Australia...
-verb 1. He always Troys everything up. 2. I wish they would stop Troying over there.
-slang 1. God, your such a Troy! (noun) 2. Go Troy yourself. (verb) 3. This book is so terrible, it's Troy. (adjective) 4. She ran Troyly down the street. (adverb) 5. Fucking Troy! (interjection)
by Makah October 14, 2007
A totally douche bag who bangs his gf's best friend in the back of his gf car. Everyone thinks he the toughest coolest guy around but he is really just a huge pussy. Who never got banged by his now ex gf who actually thinks he needs to crawl into a whole a die, take a long walk off a short bridge, or go fuck himself since he will never be fucked in his life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Roxy: That guy will never be laid.
Anna: Exactly because he is a Troy.
by The Exs August 09, 2011
An abusive homosexual, that enjoys the "company" of other men, especially when it gets rough. He is also turned on by the viewing of dolphin intercourse. This is a classic example of a Delphiphile
"That queer over there is such a Troy"
by rageofthecabbage May 17, 2012
Tends to be ugly and greasy. Can't get a girl for his life. Scares everybody around him. He is usually the biggest pervert ever. Doesn't leave people alone. Looses his underwear a lot. Wears the same pair for 2 months. Scratches people with his toenail. Pretends to be a girl. Blows into his cats butt hole. Nobody likes him.
Troy is so crusty
by KatieandTaylerasdf July 22, 2011
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