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Greek mythology states that: A Troy is a monster that lives under your bed and when you are sleeping he has sex with you, you might not know that it happened, but he just cummed on your face like 5 hours ago and i saw it, his cum is like glue man.
Aaron: Hey Danton whats on your face?

Danton: Aw man... It must have been another Troy, they keep doing me in my bed.

Aaron: Nice one faggot, by the way. Your not good your bad.
by seventy77seven October 26, 2008
a male with a huge dick
that t-roy sure has a huge wiener.
by johny tabia March 03, 2009
A city in Western Turkey.
"Yo have you ever been to Troy?"

"YES! Turkey is so much better than Greece"

"Say Vallah bro"
by kordug March 15, 2009
A beautiful girl with a unique name. Has big boobs and a beautiful smile. Troy has a lot of friends that love her. Loyal to the people she loves. She is barely ever single, the guys find her irresistible. Shes an outgoing, funny and sweet girl. If you meet a girl name Troy she will bless tour life in more than one way. If you ever get the chance to date Troy never let her go she will be the most loving, affectionate, sweetest girlfriend ever. You will regret letting her go!
Troy is the sweetest girl ever!
by Nativebeauty July 11, 2014
Has confidence disproportionate to his looks and abilities. Is the master of making coffee and love to women. People are likely to comment on his swagger as he walks by.
Guy 1 "Shiat! That guy is sooo TROY!

Guy 2 "It is Troy... Huggins!"
by Joshd1984 June 14, 2011
Usually a man, he has the tendency to attract a lot of females; however, he does not have the ability to ever commit. Beware of Troys because they usually spend their money on things for themselves. Upon occasion, you will run into one who is oblivious to females, in which they are hard workers and are always single.
"Girl, Troy just dumped me."

"Oh no he didn't!"

"I'ma get my guns and go shoot his ass!"
by Nobodyinparticular89 July 04, 2012
james: what are you doing tonight?
troy: baking

james: trust, you fucking bong rat

troy: rich to you, wombie
by jnkdcdknf August 22, 2011