Loser Magnet. Attracts psychos, liars, cheaters , scum, deceitful, and self-centered individuals.
by Psycho-Magnet February 03, 2010
The stupidest mammal you'll ever have the pleasure of avoiding. A douche box, often reminds one of the awkwardness in seeing a monkey humping a football. Often very arrogant completely unreliable and incredibly prideful presents himself as more than he is, but his cocky demeanor is transparent to everyone around him.
My ex-boyfriend was such a Troy.

Girl 1. Don't look now but here comes a Troy

Girl 2. Oh God. Not another one....

Girl 1. Don't look up! Don't look up!

Girl 2. Shit he saw us! Run!

Boy 1. Where's your geography partner?

Boy 2. It doesn't matter, he's a Troy. It's better if I do it myself anyway. My grades aren't about to slip because of slacking on my part.
by SneakyShorty March 05, 2010
a troy is a person who loves the mingers. he will hook anyone he can, regardless of age, weight or scraggyness he has NO STANDARDS at all.. a troy usualy dresses very scruffy and has cheap sports shoes. he has a long beard and lives in the bush.
'charles manson is such a troy"
by little fringed goblin March 30, 2009
name of movie and nickname for retards with ADHD
"Ur so stupid, ur a troy"
by Stuff man person May 04, 2009
A person who constantly puts their significant other before their friends, never returns their friends phone calls or texts, and in general is a shitty friend now that they are in a relationship.
"Sorry I didn't call you back I passed out really early, I didn't want you to think I went Troy on you."
by Mr Woo Woo September 07, 2008
Pudgy, bald, douchenozzle; that plays the "friend" card to score with married women. Offers a shoulder to cry on while he is working on the pants zipper. Usually found near Cannibis. Keeps a garage stall clear so adultress wives can hide their cars.
Look at that morally challenged turd wad, bet his name is Troy.
by Grimmace December 16, 2008
a pussy ass city in upstate NY
yo u kno that city troy it stand for tell rite on you
by 5stars October 06, 2007
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