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1. Golden.
2. A person who's made up of a golden perspective.
1. Look at the aurelia ray's of sun.
2. You're such an aurelia.
by Kizzie October 07, 2003
Term for a radient, shimmering girl who spends her days in sunlight and love. Will steal your heart, then break it. Has a fiesty side. Best be treated cautiously.
-- "His new wife struck all as being an Aurelia. She was nothing like the other 15."
by boxofrabbits August 27, 2010
An Aurelia is a fun and outgoing person. Often a short brunette from France. Never afraid to speak her mind, on the outside she is bold and daring, but on the inside she longs for a sense of security and love. A person not fond of large groups, for instance, might prefer to create their own halloween costume apart from her friends. Particularly a costume of a person that NO ONE is aware of. Don't mistake this for her being a "party-pooper", for that is one word that will NEVER describe an Aurelia. Often appears to be retaliating, but she is a lovable, hilarious, and amazing friend deep, deep, deep down. In short, you must grow to love one. But once you come to know one, they are absolutely indispensable.
Suzy: "Wow, Aurelia, you looked pretty today!"

Aurelia: "So, you sayin' I was ugly yesterday?!"

**Something an Aurelia would say**
by harrypotter'sfriend October 29, 2011
pronc - (Oh really yah)

1. Exotic goddess born of the Mediterranean sea. Half French, Half Moroccan beauty who kindles the desires of men. Satisfied only by her insatiable apatite for her Everyman.

2. Temperamental, egotistical woman who contradicts your assertions with baseless facts from nonsensical sources. See also American Jackass
1. That chick is an Aurelia!

2. Goddamn it, stop being so Aurelia. You don't know everything.
by The_Real_Everyman February 14, 2010
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