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a "legendary Canadian rock band", whose body of work includes such classics as:

-The Boys In The Bright White Sports Car
-General Hand Grenade
-Santa Maria
-We're Here For A Good Time (Not A Long Time); and
-Raise A Little Hell

Q: Didn't Trooper have a song that said something about a 'three dressed up as a nine'?

A: Yes, the did.
by Figleaf23 August 16, 2007
In reference the Isuzu (or simply 'Zuzu) Trooper made between 1981 and 2002 (US market 1984). This car was one of the few true "SUV's" to have existed, ready to take on any off road conditions out of the box. Consider that most of the cars that you see on those National Geographic programs on safari in Africa are divided between the classic Toyota Landcruisers, Troopers and Land Rovers.

Sadly, with the downfall of Isuzu in the US it is unlikely that we will see any other Troopers, at least in true SUV form.
Dude! Check it out- a box on wheels!

Thats a Trooper biatch. Drop a supercharger in that honey and you've got a damned fast box.
by Sparkles Malone October 05, 2005
A girl who after giving felatio swallows without any hesitation or complaint.
Mike: Hey if you want me to tell you when I'm cumming then its cool.

Roxy: Oh no it's fine I'm a trooper
by blewjay August 19, 2008
A guy that will have sex with just about any woman. Ex. Nick Holbrook
Me: Hey Nick would you fuck that 400 lb woman over there?

Nick Holbrook: Hell yeah Imma trooper!
by Dick Gilmore February 16, 2011
The individual who fails or takes fault for the greater good of the community
In Blackjack, the man or woman who purposefully busts so that the majority of the table can win.

The friend who hooks up with the ugly girl so that his friends can get it in.

"What a trooper!!"
by thetrooper July 01, 2013
Any indevidual who is put through a bad one-night stand but goes through with it.
Q: Man, how was last night?
A: It was horrible, she was a freakin skeleton!
Q:WOW, did you go through with it?
Q:What a trooper!
by The TROOPUR May 20, 2009
A man who will always know the answer to any question or inquire on a moments notice; Knows the answer to questions that people shouldn't be able to answer such as the location of all lost objects; a very legen......DARY! person.
Jane (on phone with Dennis): hey dave where is my glasses? I havent seen them in a few days and I looked everywhere.

Dennis: They are right on the entertainment center.

Jane: very nice very nice good job your a Trooper!

Dennis: It's what I do.
by vuts October 08, 2010