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Any beer at a party than has been abandoned by it's owner.
Dale was holding back the vomit after killing off the wounded soldiers left over from his "don't ask, don't tell" party.
by A-row May 27, 2003
Anyone who rises above and beyond the call of duty. See wounded soldier.
After the party, Bob waltzed around his humble abode, downing wounded soldiers like a trooper.
by A-row May 27, 2003
Business establishment owned and operated by rapper 50 cent's older brother.
Yo! Get you some pimp-ass gear and a hot 9 milli at 99 cent store
by A-row May 20, 2003
An uninvited guest.
When the guy in the blue dress walked in to the biker bar, all conversation stopped except for the obvious question, "Who the fuck is this yonkus?"
by A-row May 15, 2003
When two people line up butt to butt and poop into each other.
The porno was incredibly boring until the German girls started to do the lunar log-jam.
by A-row May 19, 2003
An ice-cold beer of the un-tasty variety.
Since I was the last person to arrive at the party, all that was left in the cooler were frosty crapcicles.
by A-row May 19, 2003
Supreme Bad Ass
YO! That dude just kicked the shit out of me, stole all of my cash, and now he's making out with my girlfriend; he must be A-row.
by A-row May 27, 2003
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