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the most fantastic band that has ever existed!!!
all you need is love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by eli November 17, 2003
n. fresh snow, slang for powder
We were cutting mad freshies in the pow pow up to our nippies bra
by Eli February 24, 2005
1. The act of trying to read someone else's texts discreetly by casually glancing over their shoulder.

2. Stealing one's phone and going through their message inbox when the owner of the phone isn't there, usually in the bathroom.
1. I found out Sarah and Dave are fighting again when I was text sniping Dave while we were watching a movie.

2. I knew there was something going on between Bob and my sister. I sniped her texts while she was sleeping and there must have been 40 messages from him.
by Eli December 29, 2007
From the Latin to suck at everything (Hardcorus Danci), something Emo kids try to do instead of crying to seem Bad ass.
Did you guys see that guy hardcore dancing? He probably hates his upper middle-class suburban home and the SUV his parents bought for him, that's why he's angry.
by Eli August 22, 2004
A mexican bitch
Luke Hollis is a biznacho!
by eli March 25, 2004
The region between the scrotum and the anus, or the hair thereof. See also taint, gooch and anal beard
That really gets my gisp


Don't itch your gisp in public
by Eli November 22, 2003
when you want to decirbe something which is really good.
we had the best dinner last nigth it was something something....
by Eli March 15, 2005

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