Someone who knows how to party and/or indulge in good times consecutively for days and nights on end. Usually used in reference to a female.
Those girls are some fucking Troopers! First they came to my place for some pre-game shots, then went club hopping with us Friday night till sunrise, then went to the lake with us right after that to rest, have a picnic and play water sports, then went camping with us in the evening, then in the morning went with us to Six Flags and got on all the rides, then went Raving with us Sunday night, then at sunrise we got on a flight to Punta Cana in search of adventure for the rest of the week.
by Capt. Morgan Dos Equis Walker August 08, 2011
One who sucks dick to no limit in an extremely uncomfortable environment.
Alex: You're a trooper.
Trooper: <suck> muffled noises
by Nash007 January 09, 2008
Nicknames for various types of sex toys.

Mostly common for freaky girls to name their dildo.
Sarah: "Dude, i'm craving."

Jenna: "Me too, Let's bust out the Trooper!"
by boss73 June 15, 2010
A woman who has Anal sex
Hey, see that babe over there?? I bet shes a trooper
by lester the molester cocknballs March 15, 2009
A Man or woman who goes out with a person who is extremely ugly in comparison to themselves is known as a trooper.
"Fuck Me his birds ugly"
"What a trooper"
by FritzlsApprentice October 06, 2008
A person who thinks they have more power over you or are in a higher position of authority.

Also a person who thinks they're better than you.
Joe: I just got this big screen TV with surround sound. It's like 2x the size of your TV.

Bob: Ugh, you're a total trooper.
by ladyz! June 12, 2009
Someone who sits on the parkways and highways and writes tickets all day.
The New York state trooper drove his car after the speeder.
by Chris January 03, 2005

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