Someone who sits on the parkways and highways and writes tickets all day.
The New York state trooper drove his car after the speeder.
by Chris January 03, 2005
A female who swallows when giving head.
"She gives great head and she swallows!" "What a trooper!"
by GMB January 07, 2003
A caucasian female who exclusively dates African American men. This is derived from the movie Star Wars because "troopers" wore white suits, yet they worked for the "dark side". These females can be easily spotted by the overuse of white eyeliner, white lipstick, and badly bleached blonde hair.
"Someone should pull that trooper out of the ghetto and put her in school."
by Motek July 11, 2005
A queer-bait that wears pink slippers and loves to ride 26" spinnaz
OOO, I love it when you stick me with that spinna Switch!
by Eli May 23, 2004
A "trooper" is defined as a black person. Generally loud, obnoxious, and quite smelly. If you ever come across a trooper, you should run, or shoot it. A group of loud obnoxious smelly black people are called "Troopers".
I was in the lunch line and all of a sudden, 7 troopers cut infront of me and took all the fried chicken... and didnt pay for it!
by John Kerry Has a Lazy Eye October 19, 2004

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