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Short for 'patrolling', often in search of the best candidate on which to hit. See Trollin for bootay
Why are you guys rotting in the back of the club when you could be trolling for cougars? This joint is milf central!
by zipstar April 17, 2009
v. To be under the influence of both LSD and Ecstasy;
This word is made from tripping and rolling.

See candyflipping
"It was great trolling with you last night."
by callinghome November 02, 2004
When playing a game of Beer Pong if one or both players of the losing team doesn't make a cup, he/she has to sit under the table for the whole next game.
You: dude are you trolling?

Troll: yea i havnt made a cup yet

You: *make the last cup

HA now u have to sit under the table
by theheartbreakkidd91 August 25, 2010
Not kissing ass or agreeing with Epic on the Gears of War 2 forums.
Dude 1:So I made a post about a glitch in GOW2, and they banned me for trolling? WTF?

Dude 2: Yeah man, they're using the old Stalin tactic. Censor any opposition and people will think there isn't any.

Dude 1: Fuck it, lets play COD4, at least that game doesn't suck.

Dude 2: Word
by KK77 May 01, 2009
To wander aimlessly. To loiter.
I had to get my mind off things so I went trolling the streets of Rosslyn at night.
by Boo Ya Ya November 24, 2007
The act of 'tripping' on acid and 'rollin' on extacy at the same time, usually done by 'ravers'
Look at those queers over there dancing with glowstics and rubbing each other, they must be trollin
by trevdogg January 07, 2005
"Fishing" for Males/Females in a chatroom for the purpose of "hooking up" to engage in Cyber sex usually.
This is not a pick up room no Trolling.
by Killashandria October 30, 2007