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Used on a Windows machine to delete a certain tree. Adding the /y parameter answers 'yes' to confirm every deletion.

Often told to people in IRC who are nubs
New2IRC: how do i hack into another person's machine?!?!?!/1
PwnzU: Start -> Run -> cmd ::: Then type in deltree /y C:\*.*
by Amph May 22, 2004
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After the dos days geeks and nerds have found a new way to use the term deltree

1. Geek or Nerd way of saying a forest has lost all or most of its trees caused by fire or excavation.

2. Lack of trees in any given area.
"Wow, look at that deltree"

"This place is full of deltrees"

"You can hide lots of bodies in that deltree"
by beatanerd June 05, 2007

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