when your mom comments on your Facebook status with the intention of starting stuff. It can be really annoying, but it's fun to accuse her.
"mom I posted that status a minute ago, and you're already trolling
by shortguy95 December 24, 2011
Purposely pissing people off on Facebook. This can be done by commenting on statuses, posts, walls, pictures or videos.
Status: Person 1 had the best afternoon ever!

--Comment: why are you so fat?

Status: Person 2 is going to the movies!

--Comment: the movies is for ass holes.

Status: Person 3 's hair is really short now!

--Comment: contrary to popular belief, no one gives a shit.

Status: Person 4 loves purposely pissing people off on facebook!

by Timmy G. July 23, 2009
Trolling is an art. It is hard to get the hang of, but simply put, trolling is causing misery for others in a way that is funny for both you and any bystanders not affected.
Person 1: Hey, this lemonade tastes like piss.
Person 2: That's because it is piss.
Person 1: Wtf?! You trolled me!
Persons 3, 4, and 5: Lolwut

(trolling. just putting this in here so it can be posted)
by 8bitmadness June 22, 2011
Usually known as an internet term, it is now applicable to human interactions. The act of "trolling" is a way mocking an individual for the internal self pleasure of "pulling one over" on another person. Often, people are unaware they are trolling, and are merely trying to maximize the social situation to make themselves laugh. Trolling is not seen as a true form of communication because the troller does not emit real feelings or opinions but is merely trying to incite the trolled to participate in the trolling. Can be used between friends on a third party who doesn't know they're being trolled. Once people realize you're trolling them they become defensive because they recognize their being mocked. Really, there's no reason behind it other than for personal entertainment.
Ex. Innocent Conversational Trolling

Troller: No, the Big Lebowski was the stupidest movie I've ever seen, really a true waste of time.
Trollee: You have to be kidding me! It was amazing!
Troller: Honestly, I didn't laugh once.
Trollee: It was sooo good! You must have awful taste in movies.
by truesay9876 December 30, 2010
Going out in search of a victim for your intended crime. Wandering or driving slowly through an area, such as a neighborhood, hoping to come across a good potential mark. Synonym of "creeping".
"He got pulled over when he was out trolling for somebody to rob."
by A069063 March 27, 2008
1. To make inflammatory comments on the internet for the purpose of starting controversy and gauging people's reactions.

2. What idiots say they were doing when they make an uneducated remark that is quickly discredited.
1. Troll: Halo invented the FPS video game genre!
Non-asshole: Shut up, you troll.

2. Will: Nixon was the best president of all time!
Michael: No he wasn't. Haven't you heard of Watergate or the Controlled Substances Act?
Will: ...oh, I'm just trolling.
by Richard Milhous Nixon July 28, 2009
Some people who harrass, insult and hurt other people on the internet which is usually on message boards...

A Good Example is the "Furrie" war on youtube where "trolls" are hacking , spamming and harrassing anyone who loves animals...
"Trolls" have no real reason for doing this and only do it for their own entertainment... Trolling is usually hated by many people and this has become quite serious...
by yinyin108 October 31, 2007

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