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An eighth of an ounce (3.5 g) of marijuana.
Hey dawg, whats it gonna take for me to get a tro tonight? I'm lookin' to get croned.
by brandoniscool May 25, 2005
In law, a temporary restraining order. A court order prohibiting someone from doing something.
"The court issued a TRO requiring him to stay 20 feet away from me."
by Proverbs October 10, 2005
The abbreviation for the Washington metropolitan area subway (aka the Metro).
Traffic's a bitch -- take the tro, yo!
by Cousin Eddie July 01, 2005
the hick/hillbillie's way of saying true. you have to drink a lot of moonshine to say this one
dude i just fucked my cousin and my little sister last night
naw way bro thats so fucking tro! hyuck hyuck!
by Melo_Elephant August 26, 2016
tro is slang for metro the car driven by the majority of english males who are 17 and have brought a car for less than £1000
metro owner- 'look theres my tro'
onlooker- 'wow' (unimpressed)
by kel September 22, 2004
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