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A barricade of bros.
Woah, look at that brocade over there! It'll be impossible to navigate through.
by BrocadeBoy May 09, 2013
A cavalcade of bros
Man, look over there at all the drunks falling out of that bar, its a total brocade.
by Bril June 13, 2012
A group of bros blocking an entrance way like a barricade. In this circumstance, "bros" does not mean PewDiePie fans but rather muscled college guys with deep voices who are commonly seen at parties and are in most cases, apart of a fraternity.
Person #1: I'm going to brocade my door so my mother can't get in.
Person #2: Like get a group of PewDiePie fanboys to block the door?
Person #1: No, I was going to get some guys from my college fraternity to block the door.
by DidItForTheLols September 27, 2015
A portmanteu of the words bro and facade. Meaning to have outward appearance fitting of a bro. Classified by overuse of the word bro, a fascination with alcohol, and incomprehensible speach.
Steve: Duuuuude, I was so drunk at this place, and this chi-
John: Steve, drop the brocade, we know that never happened.
by Whooves February 23, 2012
A brocade occurs when bros agree that another bro needs to stop doing something, and thus form a barricade of bros.
Bro 1: Man, our bro is getting really drunk, maybe we should cut him off?

Bro 2: Yeah man, let's brocade the bar!
by FlyingPiranha August 11, 2014
The intervention and blocking by brothers and/or guy friends when an ex, spouse, or another chick like her friend is either trying to cause issues with your current chick or a chick you are trying to pick up. Or if your chick shows up at a place she just shouldn't be.

Similar to a blockade...
When my future wife showed up at my bachelor party my friends and brothers formed a Brocade at the door and wouldn't let her in.
by Watchguy June 12, 2009
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