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A slang word meaning Sex in spanish.
Rakata, Rakata, Si se me pega voy a darle... - Wisin y Yandel "Rakata"
by LaLoka October 20, 2005
Your favorite song when you hear it you go crazy.
Girl thats my jam!!!
by LaLoka August 12, 2004
A person who is cheap, greedy, and/or selfish with what they have.
LISA - Can I get some gum?
DIANE - Hell No!
LISA - You soo damn shystie.
by LaLoka October 20, 2005
something that is hooked up with all the works
Dude your ride is tricked out
by LaLoka August 25, 2004
meaning prison or jail
Just got up out the bing doing state time - Akon "Ghetto"
by LaLoka September 08, 2004

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