a type of style in which EVERYONE uses.
You are so trendy!
by jrountree November 14, 2003
People with cousins who stand miles away from the greebo population shouting verbal abuse and threatening to kill them !
by Trendes July 12, 2003
I guess there could be many different definitions when it comes to "trendies", but this is what they basically are at my school:<br><br>

The first thing you should know when it comes to trendies is that they travel in groups. However, this isn't because they want to seem intimidating or better than everyone else. It's simply because they like having people around them. These groups usually range from 3 to about 15 trendies. They don't hang out with people who aren't like them, but it's not that they're mean to them. They just ignore them. Unfortunately, many people don't like to be ignored, that is why trendies get a bad reputation amongst those that aren't, well, trendies.<br><br>

Guys: Are always, and I mean always, hot. All trendy guys have at least two girls in "love" with them. Some very lucky ones may have up to 20. They go through at least 10 girlfriends each year, but they usually make out with only one or even none. They listen to music ranging from pop-punk to hard rock, with the very uncommon exception of hip hop. Their report cards usually have about 3 As, 5 Bs, and at least 1 C, if not D or F, and if not more. At school, they're always with a group of other trendy guys. After school, they usually hang out on the curb with a small group of trendy girls, usually 2 to 4.<br>
As for how they look, it's not really hard to recognize them. They wear striped polos, sometimes over a long sleeved shirt, or fall out boy, my chemical romance, or green day t-shirts. (Honestly, those are the only bands.) As for their pants, they are usually tight jeans that fall just slighly over their shoes, that are always faded and sometimes ripped. They may sometimes wear shorts, that reach about an inch above their knees. Their shoes are their trademark. They are almost always skater shoes, DCs and Emericas being the most common. They may sometimes, but VERY rarely, be Vans. These shoes are always black and white, sometimes with the addition of red or dark blue. As for their hair, it usually reaches just below the ears, but is sometimes a bit longer. They ALL, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, know how to skateboard.<br><br>

Girls: Don't necessarily have to be hot, but guys still like them. Trendy girls usually have only 5 boyfriends each year, but make out with 4, if not all 5 of them. They'll listen to any music ranging from pop-punk to hip-hop. (That includes all pop and r&b.) They aren't much smarter than trendy guys, but their report cards are more often straight As and Bs, with a C sometimes. Ds and Fs are very uncommon.<br>
Their clothes are always branded. Abercrombie, Hollister, and PacSun (Roxy, Billabong, etc.) are the brands they'll usually wear. They love long, vintage tees and tight little sweaters. They wear incredibly tight jeans almost every day. Some of them may roll them up into capris. Just like guys' jeans, theirs are also always faded and sometimes ripped. Skirts are hardly ever worn, but if they are, they are 3 to 6 inches above the knees, and incredibly light and flippy. They are always layered, usually with 2, and sometimes 3 layers, and black or white. Hanging belts may sometimes be attached to the skirt on the hips, natural colors for white and metallic for black. Girls also wear skater shoes, most often black and pink or white DCs. Vans are a bit more common among them than the guys. Hair can be any length from 3 inches below the ears to halfway down the back. Streaks, preferably blond, are also very popular among trendy girls. Most of them CAN'T skateboard.
Trendy Girl: Let's go make out!
Trendy Guy: Nah, I think I'll go out on my skateboard.
by ~*somebody hates u*~ May 29, 2006
A person who goes along with the newest mainstream "look".

Closely related to poser
(Simplified Examples):

1. Trendys in the 70's were free-love fools, who listend to disco.

2. Trendys in the 80's thought they were "punk" and dressed like clowns.

3. Trendys in the 90's dressed "alternitive". They loved to act angry.

4. Trendys in the modern decade think they are "pimps", and talk with a southern accent on certain words.
by Skoll May 10, 2005
Fashionable, a trendy person has great taste in clothes...
jewlery, and other acessories.... can be a person or store, or an item....(object)
The girl I saw in forever 21 was a trendy dresser...
Wow, this is a trendy store....
by Scarlet_Mist13 June 04, 2009
Is a code word used mainly by teenage females in reffrece to being high on marijuana.
Hey Jordan lets go the "gap" and get "Trendy"
by Abby June 05, 2005
.... See
does it need an example ...
by Rufus May 26, 2004

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