pl: trendies

Someone who follows the majority; in most cases this is the "kev". The terms are interchangeable, but trendies are known to be able to change with the times, where as kevs tend to stick with being sad at one thing.

See: kev
"Ben Sherman shirts? Fookin' trendies!"
by Gregatron September 23, 2003
The Scum of humanity and civilisation, a pandemic which has hit New Zealand like a firestorm fuelled by 200km/h winds.

They listen to what the mainstream media and radio dictates AKA Top 40 pop music "cos everybody else does", watch whatever TV2 is showing (reality TV, Shortland St etc.).

They dress in whatever is fashionable at the moment - the typical female trendy wears a dress which the hemline is 1 inch away from her pussy typically with knee high boots making her look like the slutbag she is, she likes to show cleavage and show off her $600 sunglasses and $800 handbag she got from pagani or Glasson's. The male sports a beard, flannel shirt and jeans and shops at hallensteins.

The trendy NEVER Gets harassed by the police. They are NEVER harassed by the authorities or stopped by police - as long as they are white and dressed like the typical slutbag/homo trendy. In fact they are agents of "the man" in an deliberate attempt to pick on metallers/grungies/hippies/stoners/druggies/bogans/Goths/occultists/geeks and other outsiders and make these individualist look bad

Bottom line is these people need to be exterminated
Jenna Jones and Benny Brown are both Trendy lil cunts, when they where pissed as a chook down Courtney place last Saturday night and benny challenging non-trendy's to a fight, yet the cops never done anything about them, yet stoner longhaired brad bogan minding his own beeswax was arrested on the false pretence that he had LSD on him..the cops didn't like the look of him yet the trendy where abusing passers-by
#trendy #trendys #slutbag #whore #homo #preppie #bitch #slut
by Pol Pothead October 12, 2013
Trendys - originating from the word "trend". "Trendys" think that:
1)They are super cool
2)Everyone loves them
3)They are gorgeous
They usually wear a think layer of make-up and fake breasts.
The lesser trendys are also associated with townies
Often use "ned" like words, see also neds
trendy "check my titties.... arent they pure bonnie like?"

ned "aye, theyr'e pure dead bonnie like, check that shilberto that just walked past..."

trendy "merh merh merh... BONNIE ONES!!"
by Bill February 28, 2005
A bimbo who will follow the latest fashion, wot eva it looks like, and doesnt care who they hurt aslong as its not themselves
"trendy spraking" oh i jus love that tracksuit, daddy buy it 4 me.
by sk8ter. August 25, 2003
Generally white,middle class British teenagers who are the suburban equivalent of townies!Only they pretend to be so 'cool' and 'retro'.The boys wear stupid jeans,t-shirts and style their hair like a mullet or with loads of hightlights.The whores(I mean girls) are similar,and they too use so much fucking highlights.

They only follow mainstream crap(eg read FHM,eat/drink at Starbucks,listen to the Darkness,etc).
Ooh that's so cool and trendy.We're fucking conformist cunts but we don't even know it!
by Nite July 26, 2004
Odd people who need to wear moronic labels in order to feel special
eg: FCUK. I think they feel that this defines their personality in some way.
Unfortunately, the great majority lack a personality.
Trendy walks past wearing label and attempts to subliminally scream "I AM SPECIAL!"
Its alright. They are ALL "special"
by Skeletal Munchkin February 11, 2005
someone who persists in following the present fashion also known as sheep. many are gay and have no friends. a trendy is easy to spot as they have blue faces cos thier tight trousers stop them from breathing and thier turn ups are so huge you can do your washing in them. trendies or townies commonly hang around in shops like the body shop and have a queer laugh like uh huh huh huhuhuhuhuuhugh.
trendies are unmissable. they all dress the same and the odds are low that you wont see at least 5 thousand on your way home
by bob December 01, 2003
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