Trendy's are the one group of people who actually look NICE these days. They have realised that looking grungy and dirty isnt good and also that socks over pants is BAD!
Male trendy is usually very good looking with spikey (preferably blonde) hair. He wears ripped jeans, good trainers or even shoes on occasion with a t-shirt with either a slogan, label or arty (often naked lady) on the front. He wears silver jewellery but in moderation, not over blinged like a chav You will usually spot him with several girls flocking around him
Female trendy is again usually very attractive with long hair, always neat and in the latest style. They wear jeans or denim skirts with small navel bearing tops, bags and shoes ALWAYS match the outfit and again they wear a sensible amount of jewellery. They generally recieve lots of wolf whistles from passing vehicles and building sites
Trendys are the group that really dont have any grievances against other groups in society, ie; moshers, goths, chavs
"ooh, look at that gorgeous guy at the bar, he's dressed well, very trendy"
by the way it is May 11, 2005
A lot of the entrys for this are funny, but sad.

Seriously looking at rantlike definitions from certain people suggests the people you call "trendies" are complete scum or something. When they really aren't, the lads know how to go out and have a laugh around town without hurting ANYONE and the ladies are fun as well, and not slutty or whatever bitter crap you fling at them.

ok as you can tell I would consider myself part of this "group" myself, my dress seems to conform to a lot of the most thumbs up'ed entrys here, and yeah (I'm female by the way) I wear a lot of makeup and care about apearance and stuff but isn't looking nice a good thing?

Seriously you geeks (yes i will use that word) who bitch about us on the net (Ive searched on google and urbandictionary is not the only place) dont know what you're on about. Just because some guy probably pushed you around when you were 13 doesnt mean the popular streetwise-looking lads at uni and college are going to do the same. Ive seen a lot of trendies approach people who dress "alt" or whatever the term is with an actual interest in what music they like and shit, you know, being FRIENDLY.

And yes. We do listen to mainstream music, I listen to things like the Arctic Monkeys and other British indie stuff, its cool, but when did "mainstream" become a dirty word anyway? if you have literaly millions of people on your side listening to the same stuff how is that a bad thing? do you need to be "underground" to prove you have a personality or what? I've got no time for bitter geeks saying "dubious sexual morals" are bad things either, who the fuck are they to judge anyway? If in your late teens and early 20's you can't have fun in that way then when can you?

To me what you call "trendies" are just normal student people who just wanna have fun and be students. Ive been on the net enough times to know all about "furries" and anime obsession and all that weird shit, and I know what group i'm happy to be in.

Lighten up. Some of you should try talking to "us" or something. OR at the very least do this bitching to a trendies face and not online, cause I had no idea popular people who dressed smart-casual and knew how to have fun were dissed behind the cover of the net. It stinks of bitterness and past bullying from the school rugby lot to me but, whatev.

This definition is a reply back from our perspective.

Peace x
What must happen:

"alt" kid: Look there's some trendy, lets walk past him quietly and avoid eye contact then go on the internet and bitch about their clothes and shit where he can't argue back or express his view.
by KimC December 28, 2007
A person whos over 18 who has gone through the phase of being an 'individual' realised that there never going to find partners if there dressed like idiots i.e goths, skaters, townies and have taken it upon themselves to dress well to get women.
Attractive Lady: 'Look at that really hot guy dressed well'
by The Bearded Blabbing Barbarian September 17, 2004
Burberry,Fred Perry etc wearin
Nova drivin,
Mc'Donalds workin

Look at dat tredy, wat a bender
by Macca October 17, 2003
Well Im apparently what would be classed as a "trendy" and im gunna put sum stuff str8...

Ye, the gals are obsessed with makeup and stuff but so what, Just cuz they want to look nice, most of the girls are really unconfident anyway and for them its the easiest way to cover it up. Theyre not "slags" theyre just livin life and havin fun.

The lads are idiots mostly and i agree totally, theyre immature but funny and are also obsessed with football and other sports that involve balls (which they havent actualy got so it makes up for it!)Oh and they dont all like darkness they actually have different tastes like u! I know, I know.. amazin isnt it!

And another that pisses me off is that all people like goths n stuff say tht we are sheep and "follow" each other in what we wear but if thats true then surley goths are sheep to because they all follow each other and wear and what they listen to? Im not one of those ppl who call ppl different to me, in fact it pisses me off as much as it duz u Im just proving a point that theyre not all what you think and are actually nice ppl, after all everyones got their own oppinions and views so think what u want Im just provin ma point!
Group of goths stood there all wearin black with black hair... "God look at those trendies all wearin the same clothes and got their hair up the same, twats." ironic!
by freddyfrog December 08, 2004
An adjective used to describe a social fad that is popular at any given time, or a noun used to describe a person who adheres to said fad(s). Although this terminology is relatively new, the meaning behind it is not, as trendies have always been a part of society. The word, for example, could have been appropriately applied in the 1970's to a 20-something hipster who donned bell-bottom jeans, a big-collar open-chested shirt and chain necklaces for an outing at the local disco to "get down and boogie" on a Saturday night just like his idol John Travolta.

Likewise, the word trendy may have been appropriately applied to the alternative movement of the 1990's, in which it became cool to be uncool (until, or course, uncool became cool, at which time the alternative crowd had to find something else uncool in order to remain uncooly cool).

Trendy innovations in the 21st Century have included obsession with so-called reality TV, Miley Cyrus worship and use of social media platforms to inform others of their daily nutritional intake. A recent linguistic innovation of trendies is the incessant use of the word So to begin every sentence. The practice is most widely used in the academic community, where it is believed to signify an increased level of intellect and deep thought. As with its predecessor, the word Like, the term has quickly become a form of widespread verbal tick among trendies who want to be hip and cool, and fit in with their social peers.
Trendy 1: Like, did you see Justin Bieber on the MTV Music Awards last night?
Trendy 2: So, like is so, like, yesterday, duh!
by Warp Warrior April 10, 2015
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