The ultimate snick... Snickivitisosis, one who doesnt shower or use a toilet in a regular fashion, uses weed to carass his utterly loose butthole... one who needs to get laid
Im feeling like such a travis today,
I wish i could be less like travis
by sean oniel April 15, 2010
sophomore predator,
loves the lil ones. interested in unpopped pune.
i saw travis at an elementary school.
by g4ryh4rd3n February 12, 2008
complete cave man, big retard, cant read can bench a house,. fucks some big sluts an is the most greedy person ever
gorillla, travis
by badass mother fuckin apple August 03, 2009
A rodeo cowboy type from Saskatchewan Canada. Usually a thin long legged man who wears a huge silver and gold champions belt buckle.
Check out that guys belt buckle, he must have won a rodeo.

Yeah he's a Travis.
by HoneyMonkeyBaby February 05, 2010
The act of gaining the attention of a large social group to tell a joke/pun/something funny and failing to even gain a pity laugh.

plural travi
When Jake tried to bust a yo momma in front of the entire class at me, the only response he got was a "travis!" from the back of the room
by drunk3nrabbit January 27, 2008
a guy who has dated some b****s but found the perfect one megan. he is a wonderful guy and loves kids. he will grow up to have a wonderful life and has a awesome reputation.
megan- man he is such a travis

mckinzie- i know.
by kinzieroo August 22, 2009
A person who likes to do alot of drugs, and get boys and rarely girls really "drunk" or "high" so he can take advatage of them. He is also known as Sloth boy. Some one that denies the fact of giving guys head and being gay.
Arielle: Dude i was at this party last night and some one totally pulled a travis on me.

Nessa: Omg that reminds me i saw this really faggy ugly guy walking down the streat and i was like dude that is deffinatly a travis.
by Zychowski March 27, 2008
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