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The ultimate snick... Snickivitisosis, one who doesnt shower or use a toilet in a regular fashion, uses weed to carass his utterly loose butthole... one who needs to get laid
Im feeling like such a travis today,
I wish i could be less like travis
by sean oniel April 15, 2010
hairy, hangy; unusual, disfigured sack that hangs precariously from a male penis. usually accumulate sweat and the smell of human feces.
Look theres a travis
by NuVork April 10, 2010
A guy/boy that cant get a girl into bed
Im sorry Laura i just gues im a travis
by Rigan January 22, 2009
sophomore predator,
loves the lil ones. interested in unpopped pune.
i saw travis at an elementary school.
by g4ryh4rd3n February 12, 2008
complete cave man, big retard, cant read can bench a house,. fucks some big sluts an is the most greedy person ever
gorillla, travis
by badass mother fuckin apple August 03, 2009
A rodeo cowboy type from Saskatchewan Canada. Usually a thin long legged man who wears a huge silver and gold champions belt buckle.
Check out that guys belt buckle, he must have won a rodeo.

Yeah he's a Travis.
by HoneyMonkeyBaby February 05, 2010
The act of gaining the attention of a large social group to tell a joke/pun/something funny and failing to even gain a pity laugh.

plural travi
When Jake tried to bust a yo momma in front of the entire class at me, the only response he got was a "travis!" from the back of the room
by drunk3nrabbit January 27, 2008