A hoe, or bro where their life is one giant trainwreck. They typically consist of people who are sexually promiscuous, party constantly, do not have a job and or irregular work. Jersey shores snooki is in fact a perfect example of a trainwreck if you take away her wealth. Trainwreck can be applied to many people- that hoe, or bro, at a party that is usually irresponsibly rowdy and drunk and enjoys causing fights. It can also be applied to that person who is drinking and or doing drugs all day or all night, not holding a steady job, always broke, and they don't care that their life is in shambles. Typically irresponsible, and anyone you would call a loser, skank, slut, hobo, bum, and party animal
1. She's at a party everynight getting plowed by random guys, dude you like a trainwreck. 2. All he ever does is drink and drug, I don't think that trainwreck has had a sober second in 3 years, and hasn't had a job in 7! 3. Man all that couple does is come over to drink and do drugs with us because they can't afford their own.. I'm sick of those trainwrecks doing that shit.
by Jupiter McFly March 29, 2013
2012 Minnesota Twins.
Boy, the Twins are a fuckin' trainwreck.
by Webmanworker April 22, 2012
An unstable human being that inevitably crashes horrifically. Trainwrecks are frequently bisexual, have multiple (sometimes ignorant of one another) sexual partners, and a general or total lack of organizational skills. Trainwrecks are typically, though not always, female. They are usually lower class, but upper class trainwrecks are not rare. Lower class trainwrecks typically use sex as an exchange medium. Upper class trainwrecks typically use sex to control people. Both frequently use sex to substitute for interpersonal skills in establishing or maintaining relationships. Almost all trainwrecks have a LONG list of continuous problems and a similar or smaller list of recurring problems. Virtually all trainwrecks have multiple dependents (lovers, children, parasites, etc.) that help speed the trainwreck into the inevitable "shitstorm." Trainwrecks do not improve under their own power. They require an outside force to push them on the path to recovery.
Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and MC Hammer are all of examples of trainwrecks.
Many other celebrities exemplify trainwreck behavior, but are not necessarily trainwrecks.
by JudoCtulhu December 27, 2011
I have a massive dildo, spinning round like a fucking turbine
"i cant come out, I have a massive dildo, spinning round like a fucking turbine. its a trainwreck"
by valuev April 19, 2010
When a person doing drugs injests it by both oral and rectal means. Thus when the drugs start to take effect and meet somewhere in the middle it has the effect of two trains crashing together. Trainwreck.
While raving he could'nt decide if he should eat or hoop his ecstacy so he chose both and decided to trainwreck.
by HardcoreH April 19, 2012
When explosive diarrhea meets a chocolate shotgun (look up separate definitions)- feces explode out of the rear with such incredible force the victim is propelled up and off the toilet, causing crap to be thrown/splashed in all directions and contaminating the entire bathroom, including mirrors, shower, sink, and, in bad cases, the ceiling.
1) Dude I got a charlie horse in my thigh right when I had a chocolate shotgun, and now there's been a train wreck in your bathroom. Good luck with the resale value bro!
by iknowfrompersonalexperiences July 21, 2010
where a guy straps on a dildo to his lower back and does 2 girls at one time.moving his hips back and forth..

(P90X aint got nuttin on this)
EX: brennan train wrecked those bitches last night

EX:I got in a train wreck last night with so and so and her sister
by Googly eyed March 09, 2010

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