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To ruin; Destroy; Make Impure
I have defiled your sacred Space!
by Soul Veres September 03, 2005
1. (verb) To defile - Verb used to describe what happens to a caucasian woman after she has intercourse with an african american. Defilement generally refers to the fact that such women are then considered unsuitable for subsequent courtship by self-respecting caucasians.

History- Defilement was first discovered upon correlating pornstar's salaries with the actors they were paired with. White women who worked with black men earned lower salaries than their non-defiled counterparts. And when a white pornstar would do a black man for the first time, her pay subsequently decreased as a result of the decreased demand to see her on screen.
Rockstar- Did you see that girl I was talking to? She looks like Jennifer Anniston. Oh man, I would eat her shit to find out where it came from!
Cowboy- Rockstar, she has been defiled.
Rockstar- WHAT??? NOOOOO! What a waste! I'd rather fuck Dick Cheney.
by bromojo August 27, 2006
Polite way of saying you committed a sexual act on or with something
Defiled a cathedral playground last night, best part was when I came inside her and the cops rolled by

I'm not inviting Jim back, last time he defiled my couch with my sister
by sudeonime September 24, 2011
The dry hump something or someone for the purpose of taking a funny picture.
The bartender went to the washroom so I dropped my pants and defiled the guinness tap, check out the pic!
by Defiling Dave August 31, 2006
1. To attck with force and power. 2. To completely obliterate, rather grotesquely. 3. To maim beyond reason.
Aww man, that guy was defiled. He doesnt have a recognizable body part anywhere after that attack.
by Paco September 18, 2003
To systematically dry fuck someone in the ass region until nuttin in ur underwear.
I defiled that bitch until i nutted myself.

Fuck that i dont wanna be defiled by fred.

ur fuckin dog is defiling my led homes!
by joe May 13, 2004
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