Britney Spears in general, highlighting many Britney incidents such as her comeback on MTV's recent Video Music Awards, fumbling her baby, showing her cooter and shaving her head, just to name a few.
The 2007 VMAs were home to the biggest trainwreck comeback of the year.
by Ashl and Krissy September 12, 2007
Very potent marijuana that will get you very high and fucked up. It is called trainwreck because you are so messed up. Although real trainwreck is natural fake trainwreck is normally laced with other drugs.
One hit of this trainwreck will fuck you up.
by lajoiester October 21, 2005
When explosive diarrhea meets a chocolate shotgun (look up separate definitions)- feces explode out of the rear with such incredible force the victim is propelled up and off the toilet, causing crap to be thrown/splashed in all directions and contaminating the entire bathroom, including mirrors, shower, sink, and, in bad cases, the ceiling.
1) Dude I got a charlie horse in my thigh right when I had a chocolate shotgun, and now there's been a train wreck in your bathroom. Good luck with the resale value bro!
by iknowfrompersonalexperiences July 21, 2010
A group of friends
I'm hanging out with trainwreck tonight
by mayrabbit June 29, 2010
where a guy straps on a dildo to his lower back and does 2 girls at one time.moving his hips back and forth..

(P90X aint got nuttin on this)
EX: brennan train wrecked those bitches last night

EX:I got in a train wreck last night with so and so and her sister
by Googly eyed March 09, 2010
A sub-type of a pub crawl that uses a train, subway, or light rail system to travel from bar to bar.
Steiny's bar in Staten Island New York has the Trainwreck pub crawl that uses the Staten Island Railway. This event started in 2002 and has run every year since.
by Stymie82 May 21, 2009
A name used to describe a clumsy, dangerous person. This person will damage things and hurt people(on accident or on purpose). They also take things too far. Rumors are also spreading about a trainwreck virus that causes these symptoms.
Miles is such a trainwreck!
by Scott Mckown February 05, 2008
(noun, verb)Sexual intercourse between at least four people in which all orifices are filled with genitals of one another. For example, one woman could be "trainwrecked" by three guys: one with his penis in her vagina, another with his penis in her anus, and the third member with his penis in her mouth, all of which is happening at the same time. It can also happen with a bisexual man: penis in his mouth, penis in his anus, while he has his own penis in a woman's vagina/anus/or mouth, etc. There are several other combinations that create a trainwreck (4 men, 2 men and 2 women, etc.) the only limit is the sexual imagination. See also finger cuffs, dp
1.Jane:What did you do last night?
Sarah: I took three guys home! I sucked one guy off while the other two fucked me in the ass and my pussy
Jane: Shit, girl! Sounds like you got trainwrecked!

2.Matt: I can't believe you're looking at porn at the library computer again, Jeff?
Jeff: I'm sorry, but I'm really horny and my computer isn't working. Hey look at this chick! She's getting trainwrecked, see: she's got one in the mouth, one in the pooper, and one in her vagina. God, that makes me happy :)
Matt: Um... That's disgusting! What a slut!...Hey, did you just say "pooper"??!! OMG, Bitch!

by JacktheWASP August 31, 2005

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