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Towson. The nations epicenter for lacrosse and all things plaid. a spring day in towson is like being lost in a sea of pink, neon green, and baby blue. towson is 2nd to none in the amount of public-private schools in a single area. its the kind of place where it doesnt matter who throws a party, but where that person goes to high school. towson is the origin of the "field party", although you will have to go to a surrounding area to actually see a field party. The center of attention in towson is Bateman's on a monday night, and outside towson commons on a friday night, for all teenagers in their plaid shorts and popped collars. Towson is the "prep" capital of the world. Where every girl is loaded off her daddy's money, and decked out in only Abercrombie or American Eagle; nothing less will suffice. Following graduation Ocean City, Maryland becomes the new "towson" for the single most eventful, party filled, drunken, chaotic week of your life: SENIOR WEEK. Where ever you are now, and however old you are, if you ever lived here, you will forever be, a towson kid.
first weekend in may: Towson festival...this will give you an example.
by LRLax3 March 16, 2005
the definition above is slightly, bullshit. American Eagle and Abercrombie are considered trashy by real towson standards, if you live here you undoubtedly have shopped at cohens, you hate wearing tennis shoes(only wallabees, docksiders, or flipflops will do), you can outdrink anyone from out of state in college (and could since sophomore year high school), drunk driving is a way of life (unfortunately) but we're damn good at it, baseball is gay (but o's games are a great excuse to get ripped)and you hate the yankees (but dont know why), you play lacrosse or uh no one knows you, you are so good at ruit, or pong, that colleges offer you scholarships your junior year, you can spot another towson kid a mile away, and see everyone else as aliens, if you really do live in towson then you will stay there your entire life because nothing else is home to you, 200person houseparties arent once a month occurances, there are a few a weekend,
miaa championship game, your either playing in it or your drunk watching it,
by dee loc April 04, 2005
Truth is anyone who's from Towson loves it for one reason and hates it for another (even if its a small reason). The weird thing about Towson is when you leave, you miss it(even though you don't want too), and when you're there you want to get the hell out (or so you think). Once you have left, even if you never return, you will always have a little piece of it inside you. It might be a memory of your first Lily dress or your favorite pair of Uggs, or maybe its a memory of the first time you smoked at Towson Commons or roamed around town drunk. Thing is there's a little bit of everything in Towson, and a little bit of Towson in anyone who's ever lived there.
Towson fosters a multitude of fun stuff for people of every color, shape, size, and scene. Its true, you know it, deal.
by peanut April 07, 2005
Ok Here it is... Ive Lived in Towson My whole life, 20 Years, and Went to Towson High. Towson Is not Ruled By Preps, Punks, Goths, Wiggers, Thugs, or any other Label You wanna Place. They're All here, We all Hang out. Private school kids with Public, Preps With Punks. Most of the kids here are cool enough to Just chill and get along with each other, unfortunetly not all.Some kids throw better parties, and others Put on Better Shows. real towsonites Know Who to Know, and know where to go. Baby Ghetto, Drinkin vodkain water bottles at the Commens, Recher and 10 car Shows, Silver dinner after school(wish it was still there),Skating the Court house and Kellys Bridal, all things i'll Never forget, and to others that are truely from towson, i dont even need to explain
you can Never Leave forever
by BeenHereDoneThis April 26, 2005
Towson is a place where everyone has an opinion. Like anywhere else in the country, each group feels more entitled to the town than the others. The private school kids, the ones in plaids and pastels, they scoff at the punks. The punks in jeans that may or may not be skating will look down upon the rich snobs. Regardless, Towson is a place for both. Towson is a place where the private schoolers, the public schoolers, the preps, the punks, the goths, the jocks, the families, the college students...where everyone can feel like they own it. There are enough people like you in Towson to make you feel at home.

In Towson, you can tell your inside story to a total stranger (or say, post it on a website much like this), talk about your high school, your friends, or anything else in your life and expect people to understand you. You find yourself off at college talking about how Towson Commons is cool if you're in middle school (inside) or if you're under the influence (outside) when you realize no one else knows what you're talking about and they don't care either.

Lacrosse is much bigger in Towson than it is anywhere else. Look around. Count the LaxWorld, STX, or (insert high school) lacrosse stickers plastered to the back of SUVs, Volvos, and anything else that goes through the roundabout. Yes, there are other sports. Yes, they can field entire teams. No, they will not eclipse lacrosse in Towson.

Like it or not, Towson will remain the same, despite your best efforts. If you're a native, you'll understand. If you're not, hopefully you didn't grow up in a cave, so you'll understand, too. Towson is the best part of us and the worst, a piece of you that you can't get rid of. Towson is the reason you come back home and the reason you can't wait to leave.
Dude: Hey man, where did you get those obnoxious shorts?
Towsonite: Towson.

Chick: What was that game again? La-what?
Towsonite: Wow, you must really be stupid. Do you wanna see my room?
by TowsonDude1 May 11, 2005
The contrast between all of the above definitions outline the Towson spirit. You're either an all out private school prep obsessed with drinking, ruit, horse races, lacrosse, and overpriced plaid and pastel clothing, or you're a normal public school kid who hates the sickening prep scene. Private school kids do not wish they went to public school and public school kids do not wish they went to private school. If someone thinks that Towson is the only prep hotbed, you're wrong. There's millions of prep clones throughout the US where ever there are parents that are willing to spoil their kids. Towson commons, ten car, Recher, town center, taco bell, batemans, etc. I love towson, but not for its preppiness. I'd much prefer to smoke a J on the porch with my budweiser in hand, laughing at the ditz's and jocks running around bumping heads at a horse race. Cheers!
If you liked this definition, vote for it. Maybe then we can get an idea of the % prep vs % other in Towson.
by SPloser April 07, 2005
Preakness also cannot be forgotten. If you live in Towson you have undoubtedly partaken in the all day (7am till you pass out) events of preakness, where it doesn't matter if you are 9, 20, or 45, it is perfectly fine to drink openly all day in a ring of dirt and beer, which you have happily paid $40 to do so.
girls: wearing polo dresses to a horse race where you will probably show your boobs.
guys: plaid shorts, polo, or maybe a button down, tie and khakis; whatever you wear you will undoubtedly return home, covered in beer and dirt, to pass out until you wake up to start drinking again, to find that your mom has already washed your clothes, made you food, and bought you another case of natty light
by baltimore April 04, 2005
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