Horse Racing is a Baltimore thing: Pimlico, Shawan, not Towson. Keep this concerned with Towson.

True, maybe a few of these preppier definitions of towson existed.

But prep is a Baltimore COUNTY thing, not a Towson thing. Preppiness had its place in Towson, but it stayed even more suburban than Towson. Hunt Valley, Cockeysville, thats where the best of their parties were. As much as people like to say thats part of Towson, it's not.

Towson had one of the biggest punk populations around. Not prep, ska, pop, mall, bullshit-punk. This was punk: crust, trash, hardcore, late 70s punks, etc. It wasn't a "cool alternative scene." Alternative is the Radio. We took baseball bats to radios.

This is for the kids that spent their weeks, not only their weekends, drinking and hanging around:
the Commons,
the corner across from the Commons after the cops put up the No Loitering signs,
the benches on the Towson Circle,
The Towson Diner,
The Silver Diner (if you were old enough before it closed),
the outcove in front of the Library, the Baby Ghetto (if you don't know the Baby Ghetto, you didnt hang in Towson, period),
the Towson Catholic and Dumbarton playgrounds,
and of course, Ten Car Pile-Up Shows.

Theres more but I've been out of the scene for about 5 years, and I hear now its dead. Mostly because the preppy kids who caught wind of pop punk once it came to MTV thought that they could buy some shit from Hot Topic and be cool.
patch jackets and Minute Maid bottles of mixed vodka and lemonade, standing outside Ten Car on a Saturday night, waiting for your friends' band to go up.
by chris. April 11, 2005
Towson. The pinnacle for lacrosse and all things prep. a spring day in towson is like being lost in a sea of pink, lime green, and plaid. towson is 2nd to none in the amount of private day schools in a single area. its the kind of place where it doesnt matter who throws a party, but where that person goes to high school. towson is the origin of the "field party", although you will have to go to a surrounding area to actually see a field party. The center of attention in towson is Bateman's on a monday night, and outside towson commons on a friday night, for all teenagers in their plaid shorts and popped collars. Towson is the "prep" capital of the world. Where every girl is loaded off her daddy's money, and decked out in only South Moon Under attire and Polo; nothing less will suffice. Following graduation Ocean City, Maryland becomes the new "towson" for the single most eventful, party filled, drunken, chaotic week of your life: SENIOR WEEK. Where ever you are now, and however old you are, if you ever lived here, you will forever be, a towson kid.
The Official Preppy Handbook is practically BASED on Towson.
by ashley April 04, 2005
a town in baltimore county maryland filled with private and public schools filled with kids that either dont want to go to private school or got kicked out. ruit is a major sport in the area along with horseraces like preakness or huntcup. The bar scene is alright with the kent, sorisis, paulos (only on friday night for 25 cent beers, other than that its just a bunch of gotti looking trash). Attire ranges from the punks to the skaters to the preps, but there are mostly preps around so brands like polo, lacoste,and vineyard vines are normally seen. Lacrosse is the sport of attraction around with the hotbed of highschool lacrosse being baltimore county, with teams like boys latin who was #1 in the country this year and mcdonough who was #1 last year. The surrounding areas are all filled with rich kids whos parents buy them $30000 cars and let them throw huge parties.
wanna go to towson to play some lax, pick up some yay and some cases and go to a party i heard about?

by jay friendly September 07, 2006
You refuse to see what's not directly in front of your face. First off, Towson is undoubtedly the lacrosse capital of the world. If you think anything else, you're just wrong. Second, who the hell are you to say lacrosse is not a major sport? If you think that, you are once again wrong. Do a tally and figure out for yourself that more people come to 1 lacrosse game than virtually any other type of game in the area. Better yet, come to MIAA championship and put your tail between your legs and shut the hell up. Since when does a single rugby game draw more people than the roughly 200 spectators at most good MIAA games? And Towson is not dominated solely by preps. At the commons before like 10pm you get all the middle school preps waiting for daddy to pick them up in the Beemer. After that, you get the pot-smoking dropouts hanging out being useless and the "punks" who think they're badass cause they wear black hanging out in front of 10 car pileup. The Recher is the place to go. No single group will you find there. Great bands in a small, more personal setting. Towsontown Center has turned into a shithole filled with "thugs" who wear t-shirts that look more like dresses. I go to Gilman. I am a prep. I am not rich. I am there on financial aid so I don't feel particularly upset trashing the rich bastards who get $60k cars the second they get their licenses. I play lacrosse but I don't fit the stereotype. Towson is a great place. If you don't like it, get the hell out cause we probably don't even want you here anyway. For the rest of us smart enough to realize that Towson is a cool place to grow up, stay here, go to college, and come back because you know you like it.
>>I don't understand why this baseball is so popular. It's so bleeding boring.

(From Gone in 60 Seconds - thank god somebody understands our frustration)
by TECHlax May 04, 2005
(n) A suburb of Baltimore frequented by a large and diverse number of teenagers due to the presence of a mall, a movie theater, and an all ages concert venue, serves as Baltimore County's downtown, occasionally takes on a Blade Runner/Clockwork Orange feel later at night.

(v) To visit the aforementioned definition
(n) Let's go to the movies in Towson

(v) Want to go Towsoning on Friday night?
by Rod Serling May 10, 2005
Towson is a place where a shitload of highschool kids go on the weekends to get fucked up in various ways.

Towson mall-where you'll find all the middle schoolers who have nothing better to do. if youre in high school or above and you hang out at towson mall not specifically trying to buy something or eat something, youre a faggot get some friends

Recher-the only place in maryland where you can see huge bands in an intimate setting. all the good bands play on thursday, friday or saturday but you can always go on sunday and see some local band but 75% of em suck dick while the other 25% will be suprisingly good. also know for the rec room next door which is a chill place to smoke some cigs, play pool, and watch the ravens kick ass

commons-the movie theatre. usually at least one fight outside every friday night. inside is rarely crowded but a good place to piss if youre drunk on the streets and nothings open

cluck u-across the street from the commons. if you havent tried the 911 sauce there and cried your eyes out feeling like you just got maced...then you havent been initiated to towson if your a towson kid reading this go there drunk this weekend walk up to the counter and ask the black dudes to try the 911 sauce...theyll do it and laugh their asses off at you being made a bitch by this stuff

baby ghetto-enough said if you havent been there....youve never chilled in towson

7-11-place to go when you have the munches and not have to worry about seeing some of the gay preppy kids from your school(they stay away from the bums and blacks waiting for the bus cause they reek of money and will get robbed)

go to towson on a friday night and youll see a buncha kids drunk off their ass stumbling and getting into fights, stoners looking to for someone to buy from or somewhere to smoke their bud, prosti-tots looking to get banged by some older guys, and bums asking you for change(dont give em shit you know their just gonna buy booze and drugs and you need your money for the same reason)
if you go to towson you better drink natty boh its good as shit and youre supporting baltimore
-dude what do you wanna do this weekend
-my boy is having a party up in towson lets go pound some natty boh and then dip out, smoke a blunt, and wander around towson
-fuck yeah man!
by jiggaboojones January 25, 2007
Small town just north of Baltimore City but is actually in Baltimore County. Towson is the Center of Baltimore County Government.

Towson is a fun place to live. Towson is not as rich and snooty as all that. Towson has two section 8 projects right smack in the middle of its Downtown. The Towson Section 8 tenant residents are more stuck up than any of the college students or old dames. Towson Section 8 tenants are mostly sad trash without cash. Old gay queens sit on park benches like spiders waiting for a young college fly to digest. Homeless bums infest the benches near the public library trading foul odors like playing cards. Heroin addicts stumble around looking for the nearby public defenders offices. Losers shop the narrow streets lined with Bail Bonds outlets. Ramshackle houses line small crowded streets trying to look historic but suceeding more at looking tired, forelorn and just plain worn out.
Yes Towson has its upscale pop. There are lots of college students and lots of bars for them to get smashed out of their gords drunk. There are wonderful places to eat. The number's 8, 11, 48 and 3 buses bring folks from the inner city to shop at one of the few remaining super malls offering high end merchandise in Baltimore. Towson Town Mall food court is filled with urban day trippers. Poor inner city folks who come out for a day of window shopping at fine stores. In the mall you see poor folk in tube tops and bras drooling over things they will likely never be able to afford.

You see huge ladies with thunder hips walking through the mall with tight fitting tops revealing endless rolls of hot smelly lard like fat. The biggest fat people are always standing in the way of mall traffic talking loud and acting boorish. Fat ugly thugged out men walking down the mall with equally ugly fat ladies trying desperately to look as if they belong among the endless sea of rich college kids whose every move speaks volumes about their having been born to a rich carefree lifestyle of which many dream.

Towson is home to ugly condos rushed up in a hurry during the housing bubble that never sold and ended up cheap apartment housing for college students. Towson is still upscale despite it all with Markets where you can spend $20 dollors buying all the fixin's for a tuna fish sandwich.

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