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Preakness also cannot be forgotten. If you live in Towson you have undoubtedly partaken in the all day (7am till you pass out) events of preakness, where it doesn't matter if you are 9, 20, or 45, it is perfectly fine to drink openly all day in a ring of dirt and beer, which you have happily paid $40 to do so.
girls: wearing polo dresses to a horse race where you will probably show your boobs.
guys: plaid shorts, polo, or maybe a button down, tie and khakis; whatever you wear you will undoubtedly return home, covered in beer and dirt, to pass out until you wake up to start drinking again, to find that your mom has already washed your clothes, made you food, and bought you another case of natty light
by baltimore April 04, 2005
What people who have lived in a place for more than 5 years call people who have lived in a place for less than 5 years.
"This neighborhood used to be so real before all those gentrifiers moved in." (Generally said by someone who grew up in the suburbs, probably in a different state).
by Baltimore March 28, 2015

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