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Ok Here it is... Ive Lived in Towson My whole life, 20 Years, and Went to Towson High. Towson Is not Ruled By Preps, Punks, Goths, Wiggers, Thugs, or any other Label You wanna Place. They're All here, We all Hang out. Private school kids with Public, Preps With Punks. Most of the kids here are cool enough to Just chill and get along with each other, unfortunetly not all.Some kids throw better parties, and others Put on Better Shows. real towsonites Know Who to Know, and know where to go. Baby Ghetto, Drinkin vodkain water bottles at the Commens, Recher and 10 car Shows, Silver dinner after school(wish it was still there),Skating the Court house and Kellys Bridal, all things i'll Never forget, and to others that are truely from towson, i dont even need to explain
you can Never Leave forever
by BeenHereDoneThis April 26, 2005

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