the absolute best town ever, despite the fun and edgey attitude it's a place where teenagers can walk around wih friends, have fun, an not be afraid of crime at all (despite the drunk/druggies)preppy privste schools, awesome public shools, Towson High rox!the place for everyone everywhere. Towson defines you, inside and out. And, somehow Everyone seems to know each other, you find yuorself saying "wow, small world" a lot. Proud To Be A Towsonian!
all about having fun
by karakay June 01, 2005
aah Towson, my hometown. Lets see, I mean ofcourse there are those sketch punk kids but its mostly preppy kids. Us cool kids go to private schools and those whose parents do not make enough money to fit that category just wish they went to private schools.
-Girls lifestyles consist of big SUVs that daddy bought us, which we drive recklessly, while drunk and stoned, blaring obsene rap songs on the way to our never ending parties
-Boys are the epitome of Ralph Lauren, own all ruit tables, dabble in cocaine, and slut their way through high school
Flip flops, polos, get the picture
by You Know You Love Me April 18, 2005
REAL TOWSON- getting high on top of golds gym<3 vomitting by the escalator at towson commons and kids getting their ass beaten. Towson is also the baby-ghetto and a bunch of crusty homeless kids who we all love. TOWSON IS NOT PREPPY KIDS. and people who think it is aren't truly towson kids. and don't know what the hell they are talking about. (cough all the 7th graders)
kid's who don't take showers are so hawt.
by Let-it-bleed April 21, 2005
actually towson is not filled with popped collars and all that other stuff. it is filled with homeless people that beg for money and wear the same dirty clothes every day and walk around with knives picking fights
go to towson and look
by jorge pedro April 28, 2005
towson is NOT for lovers.
towson is for good cocaine from the kent lounge and one night stands with the dirty men you meet at the crease. you know your in towson when your boyfriend takes home another girl from sorsis saloon. towson is only for cool people. word to the retard towsonites.
by youll never know April 08, 2005
the front of towson commons has become home to the worthless sketchy people who wear all black, write poems about death, and who knows what else. that aside, preps rule over the rest of towson/baltimore. hunt cup and preakness are important events in the life of a high schooler in the towson area. towson/baltimore kids know how to party and ruit is the spotlight of any event
public schoolers wish they went to private school
by asdfoiae April 05, 2005
Dulaney/Private School wannabees that can't beat Dulaney in lacrosse. Even in their plaid shorts.
by laaaaaaaaaxxxxxxx April 08, 2005
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