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The contrast between all of the above definitions outline the Towson spirit. You're either an all out private school prep obsessed with drinking, ruit, horse races, lacrosse, and overpriced plaid and pastel clothing, or you're a normal public school kid who hates the sickening prep scene. Private school kids do not wish they went to public school and public school kids do not wish they went to private school. If someone thinks that Towson is the only prep hotbed, you're wrong. There's millions of prep clones throughout the US where ever there are parents that are willing to spoil their kids. Towson commons, ten car, Recher, town center, taco bell, batemans, etc. I love towson, but not for its preppiness. I'd much prefer to smoke a J on the porch with my budweiser in hand, laughing at the ditz's and jocks running around bumping heads at a horse race. Cheers!
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by SPloser April 07, 2005

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